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Look to Vermeer for highly productive equipment for installing high-speed fiber networks. Whether your crews are busy laying fiber to connect urban and rural areas or performing short fiber drops within the community, Vermeer offers vibratory plows, horizontal directional drills (HDDs), vacuum excavators, tooling and the support equipment you need to help make your next fiber job quick and efficient.

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Rural fiber installation

When laying fiber in wide-open rural areas, you need dependable equipment that will make the long haul and minimize remediation work after the install. With Vermeer utility tractors, vibratory plows and utility HDDs designed for doing longer installs, you can get projects done quickly with minimal invasion to the surrounding area.

Urban fiber installation

For fiber work in communities and cities, Vermeer equipment is sized for your fiber-installation needs. Choose from a wide range of machine options and the support equipment you need to get the job done right. Various-sized HDDs, utility tractors and microtrenchers are designed to fit the space where the work is being done.

And Vermeer HDD mixing systems, HDD tooling, vacuum excavators, utility locators and core saws cover your support-equipment needs from start to finish.

Home and business fiber installation

For those short fiber drops to homes and businesses, the Vermeer compact fiber installation equipment line is quick and efficient to deploy. It also helps minimize remediation work after the line is in the ground. Choose from compact HDDs, walk-behind/beside vibratory plows, vacuum excavators or Vermeer hole hammer piercing tools.

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