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Your partner in organic wood waste management

Organic wood waste equipment is highly specialized — helping crews like yours grind through long days and tough material. That’s why you can’t rely on just anyone to help you optimize performance and service your machines. You need someone who’s an expert in the industry, runs the equipment and knows how to maintain and service niche machinery. Someone like a Vermeer Recycling and Forestry specialist.

Part of our extensive Vermeer dealer network, recycling specialists are experienced in the field and highly trained to deliver ongoing support for your operation. Ready to answer the call any time of day, you can find them on jobsites across the world helping Vermeer customers tackle challenges and maximize performance on Vermeer tub grinders, horizontal grinders, whole tree chippers, trommel screens, contaminant separators and compost turners. They’re not only here for your crew — they’re part of it.

Connect with your specialist

"Being able to call a single person who is an expert on that particular machine is fantastic. You can pick up the phone and make a call to their cell and they answer. That's not common with a lot of manufacturer's."

- Chad Hansen, Hansen's Tree Service

Industry knowledge

Vermeer recycling specialists know organic wood waste. Show them a pile of debris and they’ll tell you about its revenue potential. Show them a mound of finished mulch or compost and they’ll tell you how it was made — including the machines and screens used in the process. 

They understand the unique opportunities and challenges of the industry — and they’re ready to help you grow your business, optimize your jobsite and maximize the results from your equipment.

Service expertise

Specialized equipment requires specialized service. After all, not every mechanic is comfortable working on industrial recycling equipment. Our specialists shine in this area. By working closely with the Vermeer manufacturing team to master the inner workings of the equipment, they can help you maximize the return on your investment. 

From performing preventive maintenance to troubleshooting equipment issues, they take pride in keeping your operation running at full speed. As part of your local Vermeer dealership, recycling specialists offer parts and support when and where you need them.

Product expertise

You need more than equipment — you need solutions. Solutions recommended by someone who knows your business. Vermeer recycling specialists are here to help you build the ultimate fleet. 

They’re dedicated to helping you find the right fit for your operation and growth goals — whether you’re looking for new equipment or to get more out of the machines you already own. 

Once you find the right fit for your operation, your local recycling specialist will be there to help you maximize results. They’re your partner, ready to consult on equipment performance whenever you need them. Plus, they can help you train your crew, showing team members best practices for operating and maintaining the equipment. 

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Want a go-to person who knows your industry, your equipment, and your business opportunities and challenges? You need a Vermeer recycling specialist. Connect with your local dealer to find your nearest specialist.

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