Faces behind important work: meet Sam Boroujeni

Faces behind important work: meet Sam Boroujeni
Meet Sam Boroujeni. Sam is an engineering product owner focused on tree care, rental and landscape products within the Environmental product group at Vermeer Applied Technology (VATH), our Ames, Iowa, location.

How did you get involved in engineering? How did you decide on a career in engineering?

From childhood, I enjoyed problem-solving and being challenged. I found engineering to be a career where you can be creative and have your own way to solve problems. Engineering requires an ability to think outside the box and visualize several alternative solutions and scenarios. There is no single answer in engineering; you must devise a solution by yourself.

We have different types of engineering at Vermeer – why systems for you?

Systems engineers make sure that all the pieces of an engineering system work together, from managing business to making sure each part is engineered correctly. Being in a systems team is really about solving problems – that’s what I like the most about it.

What’s your average day at work look like?

My day starts with a Scrum meeting, ensuring the team is on track to deliver the vision and that any blockers are resolved in line with the end goal. A major part of my role is creating and maintaining the product backlog – in other words, managing the list of all the tasks required to bring the product to completion. I am also responsible for allocating tasks to developers and making sure we have the resources we need. I also communicate with the stakeholders with the intent of informing them and implementing their feedback.

What advice do you have for someone interested in a career in engineering?

Someone considering engineering should upgrade their skills and knowledge continuously. In my opinion, being self-disciplined and motived to learn new topics is the key.

What do you like most about working at Vermeer?

What I like the most about working at Vermeer is the people. Our team members are very supportive and helpful and being a part of the team helped me grow. What I truly see in our team is the fact that there is no “I” in the “team.”

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