VR1428 High-Capacity Wheel Rake

The heavy-duty VR1428 high-capacity wheel rake is capable of raking 28' (8.5 m) wide in one pass – yet nimble enough to maneuver like rakes much smaller in size. It offers producers more capacity and the ability to handle more acres in less time, with fewer maintenance issues by combining rugged construction, smart, streamlined design and functionality with simple, tool-free adjustments.

Features and benefits

  • With a lift/suspension cylinder on each wheel and the nitrogen-charged accumulator, changing rake wheel settings  and pressure is easy! Simply change the pressure settings on the accumulator.
  • Heavy-duty construction throughout – non-telescoping, non-bolted joint straight tongue, as well as bent tube frame and fold arms.
  • Handles like many smaller capacity rakes because it’s closely positioned to the tractor when operating in the rake position.
  • Optional center splitter attachment. Exclusive dual rake wheel combination gently lifts and turns the crop in the center of the swath.
  • See your Vermeer dealer for comprehensive service and genuine Vermeer replacement parts.
Raking Width - Minimum 22 ' 6.7 m
Raking Width - Maximum 28 ' 8.5 m
Windrow Width - Minimum 36 " 91.4 cm
Windrow Width - Maximum 72 " 182.9 cm
Transport Width 10 ' 3.1 m
Transport Length 31.1 ' 9.5 m
Working Width 32 ' 9.8 m
Working Length 26.2 ' 8 m
Working Height 6.3 ' 1.9 m
Wing Flex Up 36 " 91.4 cm
Wing Flex Down 48 " 121.9 cm
Windrow Clearance 18 " 45.7 cm
Weight - Total 5040 lbs 2286.1 kg
Weight - Tongue 1300 lbs 589.7 kg
Horsepower 40 hp 29.8 kw
Hydraulics - Type Three double acting
Hydraulic Pressure 1800 psi 124.1 bar
Hydraulic - Flow Rate 5 gpm 18.9 L/min
Rake Style High capacity V-rake
Rake Wheel - Quantity 14
Rake Wheel - Diameter 55 " 139.7 cm
Rake Wheel - Hubs Tapered roller bearings
Rake Wheel - Teeth per Wheel 40
Rake Wheel Tooth Diameter .3 " .7 cm
Transport Wheels - Size 11L-15 Intermitent highway rated
Transport Wheels - Qty 2
Gauge Wheels - Size 11L-15 Intermitent highway rated
Gauge Wheels - Quantity 2
Transport Lights Yes
Hitch Jack Yes
Speed - Maximum 14 mph 22.5 km/h
Central Kicker Center spiltter - two wheel
Safety Chain Yes


VR1428 High-Capacity Wheel Rake


VR1428 High-Capacity Wheel Rake

Watch the VR1428 wheel rake work!
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September 20, 2011
Watch the VR1428 wheel rake work!

September 13, 2011
A new, high-capacity wheel rake capable of raking 28' (8.5 m) wide passes – yet nimble enough to maneuver like rakes much smaller in size – is now available from Vermeer Corporation.