Municipal waste facilities, pallet and sawmill operations, and compost contractors alike will appreciate the cost of operation-minded qualities of the all new HG4000 horizontal grinder.

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Among them is the 536-hp (399.7-kW) Tier 4 Final/Stage V Caterpillar diesel power plant.

Municipal waste facilities, pallet and sawmill operations, and compost contractors alike will appreciate the cost of operation-minded qualities of the all new HG4000 horizontal grinder.

Among them is the 536-hp (399.7-kW) Tier 4 Final/Stage V Caterpillar diesel power plant.

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Features & Benefits

Powerful feed roller

The feed roller is equipped with aggressive teeth, coupled with down pressure, that provide pull in power and maintain control of the material being fed to help get the job done efficiently. The feed roller drive planetary is fully enclosed for protection from debris and also allows for a tight clearance between the feed roller and mill housing. This helps minimize material blockage and reduces the power required to feed material.

CAT engine power

The 536-hp (399.7-kW) CAT C13B engine provides the horsepower needed for processing difficult materials, while also enabling worldwide service and support for maximum productivity.

Duplex drum

The patented Series III duplex drum offers proven cutting performance, and reversible hammers and tips that nearly double the wear life of single-sided designs, while easing daily maintenance. The optional chip drum produces a consistent chip end-product, rather than traditional shredded material, for uses such as biofuel. Plus, the drum has bolted-in components to help efficiency compared to welded systems and a wedge design that holds the hammers in place, which can make it convenient to service.

Complete control

A state-of-the-art wireless remote control unit allows the operator to run most machine functions from up to 300 ft (91.4 m) away. This lets the operator, from the cab, adjust machine settings as the materials change, including control of the infeed settings, engine droop, conveyor height and more. Operators can spend more time in the cab throughout the day, and make machine adjustments quickly.

Contamination defense

The optional Vermeer-exclusive Damage Defense system helps reduce the likelihood of certain metal contaminants from entering the hammermill by reversing the infeed and turning off the feed system when it senses the initial metal contact. These metal contaminants entering the hammermill can damage the machine, so the Damage Defense system helps keep the machine productive by stopping certain metal contaminants from being processed.


The anvil provides the cutting action between the grinder drum or chip drum, and helps break apart the material. The anvil mount structure has been redesigned to handle the high horsepower. This redesign eases the replacement process of the hard-faced wear edge, which results in less time required for maintenance.


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  • General Dimensions and Lengths - Long Infeed

    • Maximum length - Transport (Pintle) 37 ft 11.3 m
    • Maximum length - Transport (5th wheel) 32 ft 9.8 m
    • Maximum Length (Operation) 52 ft 15.8 m
    • Maximum Width (Transport) 8.2 ft 2.5 m
    • Maximum Height (Transport) 13 ft 4 m
    • Maximum weight (Pintle) 55155 lbs 25017.9 kg
    • Maximum weight (5th wheel) 52910 lbs 23999.6 kg
    • Maximum tongue weight (Pintle) 2200 lbs 997.9 kg
    • Maximum tongue weight (5th wheel) 15432 lbs 6999.8 kg
    • Maximum axle weight (Pintle) 52910 lbs 23999.6 kg
    • Maximum axle weight (5th wheel) 37478 lbs 16999.7 kg
  • Engine - Option one

  • Standard Infeed System

  • Safety System

  • Duplex Drum

  • Chipper Drum

  • Screens

  • Discharge System - Single Belt Design

  • Hydraulic System

  • Implement Hydraulics

  • Discharge Conveyor Hydraulics

  • Clutch

  • Electrical System

  • Control Station

  • Radio Remote Control

  • Chassis

  • Axle/Suspension

  • Optional Air Compressor

  • Other Options

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