Vermeer builds trailed mowers for performance and efficiency.

Many mowers have 3-point hook-up, with mounting brackets that take time to hook and unhook. Vermeer redesigned the way trailed mowers attach to tractors, using an easy as a drop of a pin hook-up system and plenty of other innovative features.  The Vermeer trailed mowers also require less horsepower and offer better flotation than 3-point mowers. Light and efficient, easy to use and easy to maintain, Vermeer trailed mowers are the ones you want behind your tractor. 


How to Hookup a Small Trailed Mower | Vermeer Agriculture Equipment

The new TM610/TM710/TM810 trailed mowers offer simplicity. The hookup procedure is straightforward; after the hitch, PTO and hydraulics are connected, you’re ready to go to the field. With horsepower requirements (50 hp / 37.3 kW kW) an average of 20 percent lower than comparable 3-pt disc mowers, these small trailed mowers are ready to forge new trails.


TM610, TM710 and TM810

Recent news

August 28, 2018
The TM610/TM710/TM810 trailed mowers feature the built-in protection of a rubber torsion suspension for smooth mowing performance in many conditions, including rough and uneven terrain.

August 23, 2016
Vermeer Corporation is proud to introduce a new series of trailed mowers designed for even greater mower productivity with more convenient features than ever before.

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