M8050 Disc Mower

Some say disc mowers are all the same, but it’s the little things that make the difference. Built in Pella, Iowa, the new M8050 disc mower from Vermeer has a cutting width of 10.5 ft (3.2 m) and helps reduce the hassles associated with hooking up, running and maintaining traditional 3-point disc mowers.

The time it takes to hook it up and go isn’t the chore it used to be. The quick hitching hookup is a one-person job that takes just a few steps — then off to the field you go. That’s where the renowned cutter bar comes into play — designed for high-cutting performance and maximized machine life. Maintenance is convenient with the Quick-Clip® blade retention system that lets you move, change or turn blades in seconds.

It’s differences like these that make the Vermeer 50-series disc mowers stand out from the rest. This disc mower is on point.

Features and benefits

  • The quick hitch hookup is a one-person hookup: back up your tractor, hook up the disc mower with a quick hitch — and off to the field you go.
  • A tapered, low-profile cutter bar delivers close, clean cutting— reduces streaking and helps improve performance across a wide variety of crops and conditions. Each self-contained cutter unit comes prepackaged with its own set of gears, bearings and lubricant to help extend operating life. Plus, it’s backed by the Vermeer 3-year cutter bar warranty.
  • Vermeer mowers are built at Vermeer Corporation global headquarters in Pella, Iowa, where a passion for quality and reliability is present among team members ranging from engineering to production to service.
  • Maintenance is made convenient with the Quick-Clip® blade retention system, which lets you change and turn blades in seconds — with no specialty tools required.
Transport Width 93.6 in 237.7 cm
Transport Length 78 in 198.1 cm
Hitch Quick Hitch
Drive 540 rpm
Drawbar Horsepower 80 hp 59.7 kw
Hydraulic requirements 1 aux. remote, single-acting
Flow Rate 6 gpm 22.7 L/min
Hydraulic Pressure 2000 psi 137.9 bar
Cutting Width 126 in 320 cm
Number of Discs 8
Disc Type Quick-Clip™ Blade Retention System
Number of Knives 16 (2/disc)
Angle Adjustment Top-link on 3-point
Drive PTO to V-belt to gearbox/cutterbed
Warranty 3-year cutter bar warranty


The Vermeer 50-series Mowers in Action

Built in Pella, Iowa, the new 50-series disc mowers from Vermeer reduce the hassle associated with hooking up, running and maintaining traditional 3-point disc mowers.


M8050 3-point Disc Mower

Recent news

September 05, 2019
Mowing hay just got more convenient and efficient with the help of the new Vermeer 50-series 3-point disc mowers.

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