D23x30 S3

Introducing a new direction in HDD — the D23x30 S3 Navigator® horizontal directional drill is one of the quietest drills on the HDD market. With 100 hp (75 kW) Deutz Tier 4 Final or Tier 3 (EU Stage IIIA) engine options, the D23x30 S3 offers speed and power in a short, narrow footprint to help increase productivity when working in compact urban or commercial jobsites. With 24,000 lb (106.8 kN) of thrust and pullback and 3000 ft-lb (4067.5 Nm) of rotational torque — an impressive increase over its predecessor (the D20x22 Series II) — the D23x30 S3 quietly leads the way in meeting the challenges operators face every day.

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Features and benefits

  • A 99 dB(A) guaranteed sound power level and an operator ear rating of 78.7 dB(A) makes it one of the quietest drills on the market — creating less neighborhood disturbance and enabling easier communication among the crew.
  • A carriage speed of 206 ft/min (62.8 m/min) helps operators install more linear feet per day.
  • Common control platform from Vermeer assists in operator efficiency and training.
  • A 219 rpm rotational speed matches larger drills in the 20,000 to 30,000 lb (89 to 133 kN) class.
  • The D23x30 S3 can track up to 3.3 mph (5.3 km/h), helping operators get into position for their next shot more quickly, while the increased tractive effort makes it easier to climb slopes and make sharp turns.
Length (Minimum Transport) 208 in 528.3 cm
Width (Minimum Transport) 52.5 in 133.4 cm
Height (With Cab) 75 in 190.5 cm
Weight 14080 lbs 6386.6 kg
Make and Model Deutz TCD3.6L4
Fuel Type Ultra low sulfur diesel
Maximum Engine RPM 2000 rpm
Gross Horsepower 100 hp 74.6 kw
Aspiration Turbo
Make and Model Deutz TCD3.6L4
Fuel Type Diesel <2000ppm sulfur content
Maximum Engine RPM 2000 rpm
Gross Horsepower 100 hp 74.6 kw
Aspiration Turbo
Thrust 24000 lbs 106.8 kN
Pullback 24000 lbs 106.8 kN
Maximum Carriage Speed at Maximum Engine RPM 206 ft/min 62.8 m/min
Maximum Spindle Torque (Low at Maximum Engine RPM) 3000 ft-lb 4067.5 Nm
Maximum Spindle Speed at Max Engine RPM 219 rpm
Minimum Bore Diameter 4 in 10.2 cm
Maximum Ground Drive Speed at Maximum Engine RPM 3.3 mph 5.3 km/h
Noise Level at Operator's Ear 78.7 dB(A)
Guaranteed sound power (CE-rating) 99 dB(A)
Fuel Tank 35 gal 132.5 L
Hydraulic Tank 30 gal 113.6 L
Hydraulic System 40 gal 151.4 L
Maximum Flow 35 gpm 132.5 L/min
Maximum Pressure 1300 psi 89.6 bar
Breakout System Standard hydraulic vise
Drilling Lights Optional
Flow Indicator Standard
Stakedown System Standard
Strike Alert Standard
Remote Lockout Standard

Equipment Specification Disclaimer

Vermeer Corporation reserves the right to make changes in engineering, design, and specifications; add improvements; or discontinue manufacturing at any time without notice or obligation. Equipment shown is for illustrative purposes only and may display optional or global-region specific features, accessories or components. Please contact your local Vermeer dealer for more information on machine specifications. Vermeer, the Vermeer logo, Equipped to Do More and Navigator are trademarks of Vermeer Manufacturing Company in the U.S. and/or other countries


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D23x30 S3

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