TM600 Rebel Series Trailed Mower

When you want an easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain trailed mower, hitch up the TM600 Rebel to any 50+ hp/37+ kW tractor with the simple drop of a pin. This side-pull rotary disc mower has a cutting width of 8'1"/2.5 m. To help reduce maintenance, each of its six discs is self-contained with its own set of gears, bearings and lubricants – and the gears stay in the grease, even when mowing at angles.

Features and benefits

  • Hitch up easily. It’s as easy as the drop of a pin – no longer requires a 3-point hook-up.
  • Goes easy on horse power, only requiring a 50 hp/37 kW tractor for an 8'1"/2.5 m cut.
  • Absorbs shock loads with a patented rubber torsion design that keeps the weight of the cutter bar on the ground until it needs to float over field obstacles.
  • Maneuvers around obstacles easily, thanks to the hydraulic swing cylinder.
  • Replace blades in seconds using the exclusive Quick-Clip™ Blade Retention System.
  • See your Vermeer dealer for comprehensive service and genuine Vermeer replacement parts.
Transport Height 54.5 in 138.4 cm
Transport Width 8.3 ft 2.5 m
Transport Length 15.3 ft 4.7 m
Working Height 54.5 in 138.4 cm
Working Width 12.4 ft 3.8 m
Working Length 14.3 ft 4.4 m
Total Weight 2100 lbs 952.5 kg
Tongue Weight 600 lbs 272.2 kg
Tires 205/75R14
Hydraulic requirements 2 auxiliary remotes (1 with optional kit)
Flow Rate 6 gpm 22.7 L/min
Hydraulic Pressure 1250 psi 86.2 bar
Cutting Width 8.1 ft 2.5 m
Number of Discs 6
Disc Diameter 19.7 in 50 cm
Disc Speed 2797 rpm
Number of Knives 12
Cutterbar Angle 0 to 6 degrees
Angle Adjustment Manual Turnbuckle
Disc Type Quick-Clip Blade Retention System
Skid Shoes Double wide skid shoes
Warranty One year limited warranty and three year limited cutterbar warranty
Safety Equipment SMV sign
Mower Suspension Rubber torsion
Torque Protection - Driveline Friction disc clutch
Single Tractor Outlet Hydraulic Kit For tractors with only 1 auxillary remote

Equipment Specification Disclaimer

Vermeer Corporation reserves the right to make changes in engineering, design, and specifications; add improvements; or discontinue manufacturing at any time without notice or obligation. Equipment shown is for illustrative purposes only and may display optional or global-region specific features, accessories or components. Please contact your local Vermeer dealer for more information on machine specifications. Vermeer, the Vermeer logo, Equipped to Do More and Navigator are trademarks of Vermeer Manufacturing Company in the U.S. and/or other countries


TM600 Trailed Mower Video

Watch the TM600 work!


TM600 Trailed Mower

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