Vermeer® Net

Experience the strength and premium quality of Vermeer netwrap

Vermeer balers are built for making the best looking bale in the least amount of time. To accomplish this task, a key component is the wrapping technology. Meet the partner in strength and reliability, Vermeer net, available for 4 ft and 5 ft balers of all kinds. And, with 8 size options to choose from, you can get the roll size that is just right for you. The green, white and black color scheme let’s folks know you’re baling with some real tough netwrap.

Vermeer net key features

  • Made with heavy-duty HDPE for superior net strength.
  • Improved bale appearance with little net stretch.
  • Optimum net spread to cover square shouldered bales from one side to the other.
  • Convenient handling with handgrips on net packaging.

Frequently asked questions

1. What are the benefits of netwrap?

  • Less hay loss: Strong netwrap, like Vermeer net, can keep the bale wrapped tighter compared to using twine. This allows producers to take better care of their hay. The tighter and denser you can keep a bale, the more water it will shed since density allows less water to enter the bale, meaning you can expect less hay loss.
  • Faster bale wrapping: When using netwrap, one to three turns of the bale are necessary to wrap the bale, compared to using twine which requires at least eight revolutions.
  • Shape and structure: For operators who are selling their hay, netwrapped bales often keep their shape better and have squarer shoulders – making them more visually appealing, easier to stack and better able to withstand handling and hauling.

2. How do I know if Vermeer net will fit in my baler?

  • Vermeer net fits in more than just Vermeer balers. If your baler is equipped with a netwrap system, one of the Vermeer net sizes will most likely work in your 4-foot or 5-foot balers. Talk to your local Vermeer dealer to see what size of netwrap roll will fit your specific needs.

3. Netwrap can be expensive, it is it worth it?

  • Although the numbers will vary based on an individual’s operation, the cost of using netwrap can be offset with faster baling and reduced storage losses – helping to save you time and money in the long run.

4. Should I use netwrap when baling both wet and dry hay?

  • Yes. Vermeer recommends using netwrap when baling either wet or dry hay. Although you are most likely going to wrap the wet hay with plastic film too, the netwrap helps keep the bale tight and keep oxygen out.

5. When is the best time to buy Vermeer net?