Horizontal and Tub Grinder Parts and Accessories

Turning waste into a useful byproduct requires innovative solutions and machinery like Vermeer horizontal grinders and tub grinders. These machines endure some of the toughest jobsite conditions. It’s essential on the jobsite to have quality replacement wear parts for your grinder at all times — that’s why Vermeer offers several different replacement options for popular machines. Whether it is grinder tips, screens or drums, we have what you need.

Grinder screens

Vermeer boasts an exclusive in-house grinder screen manufacturing process to help maximize the performance of customers' horizontal and tub grinders. Screen styles are available in a variety of sizes making it convenient to find the right fit for optimum productivity and product consistency.

Series III duplex drums

Our newly patented Series III duplex drum design features reversible hammers and cutter tips for ease of maintenance and can extend wear life. The Series III is built off the proven cutting performance of previous Vermeer duplex drum designs and makes maintenance more convenient.

Grinder tips

Increased carbide coverage makes Vermeer grinder tips tough — adding durability you can count on, job after job. Vermeer has three grit coverage options and seven grinder tip styles.

Carbide coverage

  • Premium — The premium grinder tips have the highest carbide content and feature increased welds on the ends and a single weld on the sides, delivering the longest life of Vermeer carbide grit tips.
  • Pro — Pro grinder tips have both ends and sides welded to provide an intermediate life span.
  • Standard — The standard grinder tips are designed to be an economical choice without side welds and offer a moderate life span.

Grinder tip styles

Wide block tips

Wide block tips are the most common in the industry. They can be used in a variety of applications such as land clearing, regrind, pallets, compost and green waste. Wide block tips can be flipped for extended life.

Abrasion-resistant tips

Abrasion-resistant (A/R) tips are used when highly abrasive material is being processed. Their flat face design, infused wit­h tungsten carbide crystals in the casting block, is best suited for applications that contain sand, dirt and other highly abrasive materials. A/R tips can be flipped for extended life.

Wing tips

Wing tips have a unique design with an overlay of carbide that provides an effective solution for processing large-diameter woody material — a narrow center section helps the tip penetrate the log, then the wings clean out the remainder. Wing tips can be flipped for extended life.

Impact-resistant tips

Impact-resistant (I/R) tips offer an alternative to wing tips and are used to process large-diameter material. Their carbide inserts are very hard, but also brittle, and are not intended to be used when contaminants are prevalent. I/R tips are cost-effective, offering dual side use.

Narrow block tips

Narrow block tips only in the standard configuration are available for tub grinders and select horizontal grinders. They have an overlay of carbide along the sides of the block, making them an effective solution for processing large-diameter woody material. They’re cost-effective, offering dual side use.

Sharp tips

Sharp tips are precisely designed for cutting. They are most commonly used on large diameter wood for max production and the least amount of fines. With a sharp leading edge these tips don’t handle contamination and will wear out sooner when compared to our other tips. Sharp tips can be flipped for extended life.

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