Vermeer Corporation Earns Fourth Dealer’s Choice Award

For the fourth consecutive year, Vermeer Corporation has been named “Dealer’s Choice” in the Ag/Shortline Manufacturer category by the Equipment Dealers Association (EDA), formerly known as the North American Equipment Dealers Association (NAEDA).

“Many of our team members have deep roots in agriculture, and we’re fortunate that the Vermeer family has encouraged and allowed a culture of customer service to flourish,” said Vermeer Executive Vice President and CMO, Mark Core. “While many of us cannot say we have true dealership experience, I think our team understands, and sometimes lives, what farmers and ranchers go through to get hay put up each summer. We understand the hard work and responsiveness it takes for our dealers to help keep customers running, and we put processes in place to be there when a dealer needs us.”

The Dealer’s Choice Awards are based on results from EDA’s annual Dealer-Manufacturer Relations survey, which covers 12 key categories including Overall Satisfaction, Product Quality, Product Availably and Product Technical Support. Over 9,000 total evaluations were collected from North American dealers, up from approximately 6,600 evaluations in 2015.

Continuous improvement remains a major focus of the Vermeer culture. “At Vermeer, we have a desire to be intensely focused on being better than we were the day or week before,” said Core. “We are excited about the award and thank the dealers who provided such a strong compliment to Vermeer, but we are not satisfied with how we are doing today – it’s about how we can improve for tomorrow.”

About Vermeer

Vermeer Corporation delivers a real impact in a progressing world through the manufacture of high-quality agricultural, underground construction, surface mining, tree care and environmental equipment. With a reputation for durability and reliability, that equipment is backed by localized customer service and support provided by independent dealers around the world. To learn more about Vermeer Corporation, products, the dealer network and financing options, visit

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