Vermeer EMEA launches the first machine fully developed in Goes

Vermeer EMEA launches the first machine fully developed in Goes
Vermeer team members in Goes have reason to celebrate with the production launch of the BC200 brush chipper, the first Vermeer machine fully developed in the Netherlands.

Vermeer team members in Goes have reason to celebrate! After starting production just nine months after the 2018 tornado, the Vermeer Manufacturing International team in the Netherlands has now launched the BC200 brush chipper – the first machine to be fully-developed and launched in Goes. The project started June 2019 and moved into full production at the end of August. Overall, the project took about 14 and a half months from design, test, pilot build all the way to production launch. We are proud of the team for launching their first full model in that tight timeframe! Hear from the team members involved in the project:

“The BC200 project has been a very challenging project because we have been working with a new team to meet a very aggressive timeline. Since this was a first time for us in many ways, we had to find our path along the way and faced many challenges. Each time we were able to overcome these challenges and stay on track which showed that we had the right people with the right skills and mindset in our team. It’s exciting to see how the whole company supported and collaborated on this project and the end product is certainly a result of great teamwork!” - Ruud Rentmeester, project engineer

“My involvement in the pilot build gave me insight in literally every part that is on the machine. I have seen the machine being assembled from ‘scratch’ and this has given me a lot of confidence and knowledge on how everything works and is installed. When I’m in the field talking about and training sales reps on the machine, I can speak with confidence because I literally know how every detail and piece of the machine is assembled. It has also improved my relationship with the assemblers and engineering team, which is good for the overall spirit.” - Jasper de Smit, tree care, rental, landscape application specialist

“A cross-functional team at Vermeer EMEA worked closely together during the pilot build.

Solutions support helped with documenting opportunities and improvements that were identified on the assembly line. The team put a great amount of detail into the pilot run to make sure our customers will stay productive.

Due to limited traveling, we worked closely but remote with our suppliers to get fixtures and the first set of pilot (steel) parts done. Thanks to the agility of the team, we were able to meet project goals. We are looking forward to ship out the first BC200 brush chippers to the field soon.” Ruben Coppoolse, production manager

In addition to the BC200 being our first fully-developed machine locally for the region, it will be the first chipper model for Europe with a gasoline engine. Europe typically prefers diesel, however, with the emission regulations changing and the expense associated with Stage V diesel, the market is moving this direction. This new machine already has dealers interested. We are excited to bring the BC200 to our customers managing natural resources.

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