Shawn Williamson of Vermeer Griswold honored

Shawn Williamson of Vermeer Griswold honored
Shawn Williamson, machinist at Vermeer Griswold, has been honored with the annual Bob Vermeer Spirit of Caring award.

13th annual Bob Vermeer Spirit of Caring award recipient

Shawn Williamson, machinist at Vermeer Griswold, has been honored with the annual Bob Vermeer Spirit of Caring award.

Vermeer Corporation acquired what is now known as Vermeer Griswold in 2019. Formerly known as Schuler Manufacturing, the team in Griswold, Iowa, designs, builds and supports high-quality feeding solutions with total mixed ration mixers and feed wagons.

“This year’s award process was unprecedented, with all nominations from around the world going toward a single award,” said chair emeritus and second-generation Vermeer family member Bob Vermeer.

Vermeer is a company built on principles and putting people first. This practice has built an important culture. The Bob Vermeer Spirit of Caring award celebrates that culture and the team members who are practicing that culture beyond the Vermeer offices and factory floors.

Shawn received the award based on the following attributes:

  • Constant positive attitude
  • Development of personal relationships with those around him
  • Extremely dependable and flexible

“I’m excited that the team members at Vermeer are doing wonderful things — not only at Vermeer for their fellow team members but for their communities and all around the world,” said Vermeer.

Vermeer Corporation is committed to finding, training and developing a workforce built for the future. Vermeer Griswold continues to hire team members who are driven to build the equipment that does the important work of customers who are feeding and fueling our world.

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