Meet engine expert Kathleen Magill

Meet engine expert Kathleen Magill
Vermeer customers operate with a professional edge that comes from quality machines earning a reputation for day-in, day-out service. Most Vermeer machines can’t run without an engine and engines can’t run without support. That’s where Engine Field Service Manager Kathleen Magill comes in.

"I like to think of the engine as the heart of the machine. It's a complex system. It needs a lot of intricate attention.”

Kathleen learned how to give engines that intricate support while studying agricultural engineering at Morrisville State College in Morrisville, New York. While there, she benefited from the college’s close connections with Caterpillar and Cummins and was able to work on their engines through her education and an apprenticeship.

"Balancing several jobs in college, I really got the knack for more service-focused work. I really cared about creating an exceptional customer experience.”

This steered her path to be more business focused. In the meantime, however, Kathleen focused on her engineering skills. She did so by leading new product development at Wellman Dynamics in Creston, Iowa, a company that supplies aerospace castings to support military fleets, global disaster relief and space exploration.

But her passion for engines goes beyond running the machine to the important work the machine accomplishes. Interacting with the people building the machines to the people using them is one of the things that led Kathleen to Vermeer.

"Every time our customer is up and running and that heart of their machine (the engine) is running efficiently, they're able to make an impact for other people too.”

Kathleen works with the product support team to hear direct feedback from customers, the power systems team and engine vendors to innovate solutions and ensure the right parts come at the right time. She collaborates with many teams across the Mile to allow any piece of Vermeer equipment with an engine to be ready to roll. Kathleen is grateful for all the team members that make engine support possible.

"In addition to the diverse product line and all the exciting innovations, I definitely appreciate Vermeer Corporation’s values.”

Founded in a philosophy that emphasizes the golden rule, Vermeer finds ways to better the lives of those who work for Vermeer and with Vermeer. Living out the golden rule is something Kathleen strives to do in interactions with team members and customers each day.

“Vermeer absolutely has exemplified the values of servant leadership. I think that having integrity, really aligns with the goal of providing empathy in the customer experience which is one of my personal and professional goals. I know a lot of that comes from my faith.”

We’re proud to have team members like Kathleen creating a caring culture and doing important work.

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