Introducing the Vermeer QuickDig nozzle for hydro excavation

Introducing the Vermeer QuickDig nozzle for hydro excavation
The Vermeer QuickDig nozzle will help enable productive potholing and efficient water usage

The Vermeer QuickDig™ nozzle helps vacuum excavation crews maximize their efficiency while potholing and daylighting utilities, hydro/slot trenching, and digging pile holes. The Vermeer QuickDig nozzle is up to 35% more efficient* than a traditional rotary nozzle because of its 18-degree cone rotation and laminar flow design. All water molecules flow in the same direction at the same speed to slice through the ground minimizing water use and delivering a high aperture of coverage.

All Vermeer truck vacuum excavators and many Vermeer trailer vacuum excavators built in the calendar year 2023 will come equipped with the QuickDig nozzle. Also, this latest technology in hydro excavation will be available at Vermeer dealers throughout North America and is compatible with most industry vacuum excavator makes and models.

“When it comes to potholing and hydro trenching, productive digging and efficient water usage helps crews maximize their time on the job,” said T.J. Steele, product manager for Vermeer MV Solutions. “An often-overlooked component of a vacuum excavator is the nozzle a crew uses to dig with. It can significantly impact digging performance and the volume of water used during the process. The Vermeer QuickDig nozzle is extremely efficient with the water used, so material doesn’t become oversaturated during the digging and excavation process. It helps crews maximize digging time from their onboard water tank while extending their time between emptying the spoil tank.”

The Vermeer QuickDig nozzle is also durable, with a stainless-steel body and tungsten carbide nozzle tip. It can also be rebuilt in the field quickly using a QuickDig nozzle repair kit.

Vermeer offers six sizes of the QuickDig nozzle for contractors to choose from. Each comes with a .5-in (1.3-cm) inlet connection (common on truck vacs) and a .25-in (.6-cm) adapter (common for trailer vacs).

Contact your local Vermeer dealer for more information about Vermeer vacuum excavation equipment.

*According to manufacturer-provided performance data

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