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Before you watch the seminar... what is a career in underground?

Below is a highlight of the information you'll go in-depth on in the seminar series.

What is HDD?

Horizontal directional drilling is both an art and a science. It involves creating a tunnel, or bore, underground using a horizontal directional drill to install utilities with pipe, conduit or cables that place fiber, electrical, gas, sewer and water lines. You may recall seeing spools of product along a road when driving around your town. Well, those spools go underground using a horizontal directional drill.

The growing need for infrastructure development and utility installations is driving the world underground. Our ability to stay connected with family, friends, educators, health care providers, food service, emergency services, or watch current events, news and weather updates – or simply turning on the lights in your kitchen, starting up the gas stove or getting a glass of water – is due in part to the hard and dedicated work of underground utility professionals who are skilled in the world of horizontal directional drilling. Today more than ever, we realize the value of these connections.

Key roles on a jobsite

Mud mixing
Vacuum excavator

Why choose a job in HDD?

In the world of utility and construction careers, there is a continuous need for these vital HDD jobs. HDD work is essential to help keep hospitals, grocery stores, transportation services, food processing facilities, internet and television providers, electric and water plants – most of the necessities that we all use and rely on daily – running.

Competitive pay

  • According to, salaries in this field can range from $33,000 to $148,000, with the average HDD operator salary of $60,000. Of course, this is largely based on experience and the position within the company.

Job variety and growth opportunities:

  • HDD is a growing industry with a high demand for skilled workers
  • Job opportunities in areas like engineering, project management, equipment operation, site planning, technology and administration
  • Utilize math, science, mechanical knowledge, planning, organization, communication skills and more
  • Build experience in various roles and discover where you best excel

Travel opportunities:

  • HDD work is needed throughout the world, so there are HDD jobs available in a multitude of areas

Rewarding work:

  • You can help keep your communities connected to the necessities of life

Our ability to stay connected with family, friends, educators and health care providers is due in part to the hard and dedicated work of underground utility professionals who are skilled in the world of horizontal directional drilling.

Horizontal directional drilling is a continuously growing industry with high demand for skilled workers – there is a constant need for people like you, who can be a part of this team. As we look for ways to become more connected, there is plenty of work to be done!

Why choose a job in HDD?

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