Faces behind the important work: meet Kristine Nielsen

Faces behind the important work: meet Kristine Nielsen
Meet Design Engineer I Kristine Nielsen. We asked her about her career in engineering, how she got her start and more!

How did you decide on a career in engineering?

“Growing up, I was always interested in how things worked. I enjoyed building with Legos, K’Nex and Erector sets. I would often also annoy my older brothers by taking their remote-control cars apart. I always put them back together and sometimes successfully. When I got older, I would help my dad around the farm.”

“I developed a love for math and science. After high school I studied physics. However, I soon realized a career in physics was not for me. While I was a physics undergraduate, I worked for one of my professors and he allowed me to work on various engineering projects. These projects encouraged me to explore an engineering career.”

What do you like most about engineering?

“What I enjoy most about engineering is that you get to be creative. There is never just one way to solve a problem. Sometimes you have to get creative in order to find a better solution.”

What’s your average day at work look like?

“Currently I am working on a variety of different projects. Every day is something different. Some days I am helping on the production line with an issue or working on a machine. Other days I am at my desk doing design work, research or paperwork.”

What advice do you have for someone interested in a career in engineering?

“My advice to someone interested in engineering is to always keep an open mind. A degree does not necessarily make you an expert. If you keep an open mind and listen to everyone around you, you might learn something that cannot be learned in a classroom or behind a desk.”

What do you like most about working at Vermeer?

“What I like most about Vermeer is the culture. Everyone is kind and willing to help even with the simplest things. People treat others like family which makes coming into work much more enjoyable.”

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