Do you see every challenge as an opportunity to make an impact? Do you want to find work that will challenge and inspire you?  And do you want to have fun while doing it?

At Vermeer, our internships aren’t about getting coffee and doing busy work. We challenge our interns to take the opportunity to impact their future careers. Our internships are designed to help you realize your potential and provide you with a hands-on experience alongside our more seasoned team members. Each year, we offer summer internships and summer plus semester co-op opportunities that will stretch your capabilities and provide you with invaluable experience that you just can’t get in the classroom.

Throughout your internship, we’ll give you access to the various business segments within Vermeer and assign you real-world projects to help you connect theories from the classroom to our business. You’ll see how Vermeer is taking big ideas and making them a reality to keep our customers moving forward day-in and day-out.