Vermeer Rock Lab

Since 2006, the Vermeer Rock Lab has used state-of-the-art equipment and proven processes to test rock samples from mines and jobsites around the world. This includes common materials such as bauxite, gypsum, iron ore and limestone, as well as other types of rock.

By understanding the rock conditions, Vermeer customers and dealers can better manage the expectations of machine performance.

This includes using equipment like a Vermeer Terrain Leveler® surface excavation machine (SEM) to perform continuous surface mining, or Vermeer trenchers, rockwheels and horizontal directional drills (HDDs) during utility installation.


How does the Vermeer Rock Lab work?

First, customers or dealers send rock samples to the lab that they would like to be tested (typically five or six samples from different areas of the site). The rock samples aren’t necessarily big in size, perhaps no larger than a basketball, but each contains critical information related to the jobsite or mine.

Unconfined compressive strength (UCS) test

Each sample is cored into a cylinder 54 mm in diameter and 108 mm in length (2-to-1 ratio), according to ASTM standards, before undergoing a UCS test.

CERCHAR abrasivity test

Rock samples are then cut down to the size of hockey pucks for the CERCHAR abrasivity test, which is a significant factor in determining the wear of rotary cutting teeth in applications such as mining, drilling and trenching. The method originated in France during the 1970s for coal mining purposes.

Vermeer Energy Index

The Vermeer Energy Index test was developed by the Vermeer Rock Lab to further understand how brittle or how ductile the rock is and how that correlates into how productive our machines will be in a given rock. This test is used in conjunction with the UCS test.

Solutions calculator

Once the tests are completed, the Vermeer Rock Lab produces a summary report that can be entered into a solutions calculator. Customers and dealers can use the solutions calculator to estimate production ranges and the cost of operation.

Learn more about the Vermeer Rock Lab

Vermeer Rock Lab services are available at no cost to Vermeer customers. Consult with your local Vermeer dealer to work on collecting representative rock samples from your jobsite. With the information gained from these samples, you’ll get help determining the appropriate tooling to use for the ground conditions and be able to make more informed business decisions.

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*The costs and production rates, as calculated by the solutions calculator, are only estimates. The actual amounts will vary based upon your conditions, maintenance, operator experience, site preparation and many other factors. This is only a tool for estimating. The actual production rates and costs will vary.

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