Brush Chipper and Stump Cutter Accessories

Vermeer stump cutting system

Vermeer knows stump cutters — Gary Vermeer invented the first modern stump cutter in 1956. In the years since, design enhancements have kept our machinery at the forefront of jobsites around the globe.

Vermeer cutting system

Vermeer stump cutters are built to get the job done right. Add the Vermeer cutting system to a Vermeer stump cutter equipped at 50 hp (37.3 kW) and above to see results that will get you excited for a busy work week. The Vermeer cutting system is designed to maximize productivity on your jobsite. With Vermeer at the stump, you can feel confident in a job well done.

Key features:

  • Patent-pending design solves several challenges of traditional cutting systems
  • Convenient features available, such as a single bolt for all teeth, for ease of maintenance
  • Wheel and tooth design allow for efficient recirculation of material
  • Double-sided cutting edges on the tooth maximize productivity at the stump

Download the specs

Yellow Jacket™cutter system

The Yellow Jacket cutter system is designed to make maintenance more convenient and help extend the life of wear parts like pockets and teeth. Plus, with only one tooth and three pocket styles within the system, you can help keep your wear part inventory low and your productivity high.This Vermeer-exclusive system comes standard on stump cutters below 50 hp (37.3 kW).

Key features:

  • Convenient-to-service setup – Loosen or remove just one nut to service the tooth — removal of the pocket is not required. This setup helps to significantly reduce maintenance time.
  • Indexable, universal teeth – Two cutting edges on one tooth equals almost twice the part use. The second edge is protected and clear of the primary wear area while cutting with the first edge. When the tooth is indexed to the second position, the opposite edge provides another cutting surface for extended tooth life.
  • Pocket protection and reversibility – The reversible and bi-directional pocket design may be used on either side of the cutter wheel for a second tooth mounting surface. The indexable tooth helps protect the top and front of pockets from wear potentially extending the pocket life.

Brush chipper knives

Vermeer offers high quality knives for your brush chipper. Our brush chipper knives are manufactured using high-grade steel and a dual-tempered heat-treatment process. This technique makes the steel hard enough to hold an edge and strong enough to withstand tough jobsite material. Each knife is hardened and machined to our specifications for extended wear life.

Stay Sharp kits

Vermeer chipper knives can be sharpened to extend their wear life. By purchasing a Vermeer Stay Sharp kit, you will be supplied with everything you need for an accurate setup — including the hardware, bolts, oil and information on installation and care.

Pro tip: Replace brush chipper knives in sets of two for the proper balance of the machine.

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