Vermeer introduces enhanced RTX1250 ride-on tractor

Vermeer introduces enhanced RTX1250 ride-on tractor
Versatility and performance, ready to conquer tough terrains.

The Vermeer RTX1250 ride-on tractor has been updated with several improvements for increased efficiency and performance. These enhancements include updates to the tracks, axles, plow valve and retention pins, cab roof and headliner, as well as the auto stabilizer feature for the rockwheel attachment. The RTX1250 is powered by a 127-hp (94.7-kW) Deutz TCD3.6L diesel engine and can be outfitted with a range of attachments for efficient installation of gas, fiber, water and electrical utilities.

Nick Olsen, Vermeer product manager, stated that they have implemented a series of updates to the RTX1250 based on insights and recommendations from their customers in the field. “These updates have been meticulously tested to deliver productivity in demanding environments. Vermeer is dedicated to consistently enhancing and refining their machinery to satisfy industry demands and customer needs. The latest version of the RTX1250 exemplifies this commitment.”

The RTX1250 is a versatile machine, able to operate as a trencher, rockwheel or vibratory plow with interchangeable attachments. These can be switched out in as little as an hour, offering options such as a backhoe, backfill blade or reel carrier attachment for the front of the machine and a vibratory plow, rockwheel, sliding offset rockwheel, sliding offset trencher or a trencher for the back end.

The tractor is equipped with Vermeer onboard technology, including TrenchSense™ electronic control system and the EcoIdle™ engine control system. These systems actively monitor the engine’s operations to promote smooth trenching, prevent stalls and optimize fuel efficiency.

The Productivity Zone feature and Auto Plunge technology of the RTX1250 enhance its performance by determining the optimal operating range and ground speed for the attachments in use and by controlling the plunge rate for trencher or rockwheel attachments, respectively.

The Vermeer RTX1250 prioritizes operator comfort and visibility. Its controls are located conveniently on the right-hand side, in line with the seat’s pivoting side.

The RTX1250 provides a quiet ride and features an isolated, cushioned operator’s platform. An optional climate-controlled cab is available for year-round operation. Depending on job requirements, the ride-on tractor can be outfitted with rubber tires or tracks.

The RTX1250 is Vermeer Fleet ready, which means owners can optimize productivity by staying in sync with their machine’s operations. Vermeer Telematics allows for monitoring engine operating hours, idle hours, fuel usage, fault codes and the machine’s location. It also incorporates geofencing capabilities. For more information about the Vermeer RTX1250 ride-on tractor, contact your local Vermeer dealer and visit

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