Faces behind the important work: meet Xibao Gong

Faces behind the important work: meet Xibao Gong
Meet Engineering Manager Xibao Gong from Vermeer China. Xibao has worked at Vermeer China for nearly seven years. He first discovered his love for engineering in childhood.

“When I was very young, I enjoyed working with my father repairing machines. The process really made me very excited and happy,” said Xibao. “After graduating from university, I was engaged in engineering machinery design. The products I designed were applied to the field of oil and gas pipeline-laying construction. They improved the construction technology and reduced the work intensity for the construction workers. I helped others through my efforts, which made me excited and proud.”

Now, Xibao leads the engineering team at Vermeer China. His day-to-day work includes tackling roadblocks for his team and helping improve efficiency.

“As the manager of the engineering department, the most important work for me to do is to help engineers here make the project plan, work with them to solve the problems encountered in the process of project implementation and improve their work efficiency,” shared Xibao. “I really like working with engineers in design. This way I can understand their problems better and help them in the best way.”

However, Xibao’s work extends beyond the team in China. His team partners with the team in Pella often to help solve big problems and work on projects together.

“I will contact the team in Pella when I encounter tough issues,” said Xibao. “All of our Pella coworkers are very nice. They will offer plenty of suggestions and help to us. With their help, my goal is clearer and my problem-solving is more efficient.”

Besides working with a global team to tackle challenges, Xibao’s favorite aspect of engineering is pursuing new and innovative designs.

“I like product design very much. Through product design, I can verify my ideas and opinions, which makes me excited and happy,” shared Xibao.

For those looking to be successful in engineering, Xibao offers the following advice:

“We should be patient and confident in our products just like the way we treat our kids. As long as we pay more attention, they will be more excellent and welcomed by the market – winning us success and applause!”

When it comes to working at Vermeer, Xibao appreciates his team more than anything.

“I enjoy communicating with my coworkers at Vermeer China most,” said Xibao. “I like to discuss project issues with them and share my views. In the process of communication, I can get their advice and help in order to reach our common goal. They are like my family and give me sincere advice and help.”

We’re proud to have talented engineering leaders like Xibao who do important work at Vermeer seen on jobsites worldwide.

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