Faces behind the important work: meet Tim Trick

Faces behind the important work: meet Tim Trick
Meet Senior Design Engineer Tim Trick who works at Vermeer Europe, Middle East and Africa (VEMEA) in Goes, the Netherlands.

Tim is a qualified arboriculturalist and forester and originally started his career in forestry. His expertise in this area led to his career at Vermeer when he moved to the Netherlands with his Dutch partner.

“The forestry scene is on a much smaller scale here. Since I was living close to Goes, I applied to work at VEMEA as a product specialist,” shared Tim. “I was responsible for environmental product support and service and checked that the trailered equipment complies with a wide range of regulations. This work developed in 2002 into a fledgling engineering department within VEMEA and I have worked as an engineer in this department since then.”

Now, Tim is focused on new product development. He’s currently working on a brush chipper for the European market, supporting safety work and participating in the development of machinery standards. Tim also works closely with team members in Pella when it comes to delivering a new machine to market.

Tim’s favorite aspect of engineering is developing new, cutting edge equipment for the market.

“My favorite part is the opportunity to be able to create new machinery and help develop the state of the art,” said Tim. “I have been doing this work for quite a long time and have worked on a considerable number of designs.”

When asked what type of person might pursue a career in engineering, Tim shared the following:

“This is of course dependent on the sort of engineering that the person is interested in – many engineers are very happy to tinker with known designs, whilst other relish the unknown and the associated challenges and design risks. But I think most would like to feel that what they do is meaningful,” said Tim. “You put a bit of yourself into the design – it becomes personal and the ability to see that effect on the wider world who use your design makes engineering a truly worthwhile and rewarding career.”

Working at Vermeer has proven to be a rewarding experience for Tim, both as an engineer and as a whole person.

“Vermeer offers a close-knit community for people who are passionate about machinery and the industry that we operate in. From an engineering aspect, there is wide diversity of engineering functions and lots of opportunity to grow or move as one develops,” shared Tim. “The open structure at VEMEA allows everyone to voice concerns or ask anyone for help. This allows all of us to feel part of the team and create a very happy and friendly atmosphere.”

Whether working in Pella or across the world, we’re proud to offer a wide range of opportunities for engineers.

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