Consent to Sharing of Personal Information

By checking this box and completing the form available at the end of the HDD Careers Seminar, you give Vermeer Corporation your consent to share your first name, last name, zip code/country of residence, phone number, and email address internally, with Vermeer’s training and marketing departments, and externally, with any of Vermeer Corporation’s HDD industry business partners, as determined by Vermeer Corporation in its sole discretion. If you provide any other information to Vermeer in connection with your submission of this form (for example, through follow-up email or telephone contacts with Vermeer), then you give your consent for Vermeer to share that information, as well.

Vermeer Corporation will share your information with its internal departments and external business partners with the intent of furthering conversations between you and those parties regarding careers in horizontal directional drilling. However, by checking this box you acknowledge and agree that our business partners are independent third parties over which Vermeer has no formal influence or control. With regard to the processing of your personal information, those business partners act as independent data controllers, not as data processors acting on Vermeer’s behalf or at its instruction. As a result, Vermeer cannot and does not make any representations, promises, or guarantees whatsoever about whether or how those business partners may use your information. Among other things, Vermeer does not make any representations, promises, or guarantees concerning (i) whether you will be contacted by our business partners, (ii) the level of security they will give your information, (iii) how they will store your information, (iv) for how long they will retain your information and whether or when they will discard it, (v) whether and how they may share your information with third parties, (vi) for what purposes they will process your information, or (vii) any other aspect of their data privacy and security practices.

As described in the Notice of Personal Information Processing for this form, you may revoke your consent at any time by email to [email protected]. Revoking your consent will not affect the lawfulness of processing that was based on your consent before its withdrawal. If you notify us that you wish to revoke your consent, Vermeer will contact any business partners with whom it has shared your information to notify them of your decision. Whether and how our business partners respond to such notice is within their sole control and is entirely their responsibility.