Engineering Careers

Innovative. Individuals and organizations alike are boasting an innovative culture defined by Webster as an adjective meaning, “introducing or using new ideas or methods.” At Vermeer, we won’t settle for simply innovative. New methods and new ideas are the norm. But searching for a better way? That’s the way we live. Founder and inventor Gary Vermeer lived by that “better way” adage, and it’s this truism that has laid the groundwork for generations of engineers tirelessly searching for a better solution. Today, that spirit lives on with Gary’s grandson, Jason Andringa, an engineer at heart, as president and CEO of Vermeer Corporation. Take a glimpse into our army of thinkers and tinkerers that are making an impact on our customers and our world.

More than 2,500 strong, we proudly say Vermeer team members have about every skillset covered. We have a team member in a band that tours nursing homes in Asia, a team member that farms on the side and a team member that raced across the Sahara Desert… on foot.

But what about the skills it takes to produce the yellow iron that’s out on jobsites around the world getting tough work done around the clock? From engineers and welders to assemblers and inventory coordinators, team members work together to confidently put their stamp of approval on the machine before it leaves Vermeer to chip wood in Indiana and or install 4G networks in India.


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