The Vermeer Family

More than 70 years have passed since our company, carrying the name of our founder, Gary Vermeer, was established, but more than the Vermeer name stands the test of time. The second and third generations of the Vermeer family are carrying the legacy of innovation, continuous improvement and the ultimate goal to equip our customers, our people and our world to do more.

In 1948, Gary built a small shop and named it Vermeer Manufacturing Company. While the company grew, his farmland flourished, his tinkering continued and his desire to always find a better way was never quieted. His hobby plane became the norm for customer support decades before Amazon existed. Gary’s home still proudly stands just east of the Vermeer campus in Pella, Iowa, U.S.A.

Bob Vermeer, Gary’s son, joined Vermeer in 1974 and became CEO in 1989. Today, Bob serves as chair emeritus of the Vermeer Board of Directors. Mary Vermeer Andringa, Gary’s daughter, joined the business in 1982 and was named president and chief operating officer in 1989. In 2003, she became CEO and today serves as chair of the board.

Third-generation family member, Jason Andringa, stepped into the role of president and CEO in 2015, bringing with him experiences that have developed a deep commitment to the markets we serve, a refreshed focus on innovation and a passion to honor the company’s legacy. Mindi Andringa Vanden Bosch, another third-generation family member, is a channel advancement manager for the Forage Solutions team at Vermeer. What’s the secret behind the Vermeer family’s successful leadership transitions? An ongoing commitment to intentional family planning.

  • Vermeer family members are heavily involved in family business associations learning and sharing best practices so customers, dealers and team members can have confidence in their longevity.
  • 30% family-owned businesses survive to 2nd generation. With a drive to succeed, the Vermeer family has focused on intentional family planning and succession developing policies their family must abide by to ensure the company’s success.
  • Each family member brings unique experiences to the organization. Before coming to Vermeer, Bob Vermeer worked at a bank, Mary Vermeer Andringa taught elementary music, Jason Andringa worked at NASA and Mindi Vanden Bosch worked in the banking and manufacturing industries.