XR2 真空挖掘机:产品背后

了解 Vermeer 创建 XR2 真空挖掘机的历程,以及其在公共设施安装领域的独特需求。

Vermeer 始于一个简单的解决方案,今天黄色钢铁机器在全世界 10 个不同市场的工地上占据一席地。但这绝非一日之功。以 XR2 真空挖掘机为例,它是在和公共设施承包商讨论与传统液压挖掘机相关的局限性后开发的。他们告诉我们,他们了解液压挖掘机的软挖掘优势,但由于重量问题和储水容量,他们有时感到受生产许多设备的限制。听取客户的挑战是我们成功的核心,也是 XR2 帮助您改善装备,提高效率 (Equipped to Do More.®) 的原因之一,无论您是公共设施挖坑、钻孔还是挖沟。

了解我们开发 XR2 的历程,以及其给公共设施行业带来的优势。


Inside Vermeer Tianjin Manufacturing

8月 6, 2020

It all began with the first Vermeer rubber tire trenchers that were exported to China in the 1980s.Today, the 12,000-square-meter Vermeer Tianjin Manufacturing shop floor builds machines to support the region’s expanding utility and pipeline installation, tree care and agriculture operations.


Vermeer Corporation partners with local vendors and charities for 2020 Family Fun program

7月 31, 2020

COVID-19 has changed the way we do business, how we spend our free time and everything in between. To maintain Vermeer's long-standing summer tradition of giving team members and their families tickets to local activities, we needed to get creative.


Vermeer Chair of the Board Mary Andringa Honored with 2020 Women of Influence Award

7月 24, 2020

Congratulations to Mary Andringa on this accomplishment!