Introducing the GPS-enabled Vermeer Verifier G3+ utility locator

Introducing the GPS-enabled Vermeer Verifier G3+ utility locator
Vermeer continues to support the utility industry with the Vermeer Verifier™ G3+ utility locator launch.

This new-generation locator delivers high accuracy, optimized connectivity and intuitive controls. The Vermeer Verifier™ G3+ utility locator pairs with smartphones using the G3+ Map mobile app (available for iOS and Android) to plot location information, including depth, current index, GPS data, utility type, device name and the operator who performed the work. The data-capturing ability of the Verifier G3+ locator allows contractors and utility owners to capture and store information about construction projects. That means they can also provide more information to their teams and customers.

“Tracking and storing records about the specific location of underground utilities is vital,” explained Aaron James, product specialist II at Vermeer MV Solutions. “With many lines out-of-sight in the congested areas, identifying and tracking one from another can be challenging. The technology that powers the Vermeer Verifier G3+ utility locator helps operators accurately identify and track individual utilities in crowded rights-of-way. Its water-resistant, rugged design is well suited to the harsh everyday conditions that operators work in.”

The GPS-enabled Verifier G3+ utility locator can determine underground current direction against adjacent signals from other utilities. It can detect ambient noise so the operator can switch to a different frequency for a particular jobsite. Also, operators can adjust transmitter frequency and power outputs from up to 500 ft (152.4 m) away using a wireless connection. Saved data from the locator is transferred using Bluetooth 5.0 to the G3+ Map app. The data can also be uploaded to the Vermeer Projects bore planning tool.

The Vermeer Verifier G3+ offers operators three locating modes: peak, peak/null and null. It has an exclusive water-resistant, one-size-fits-all coil clamp that does not need to encircle a utility to induce a signal. They can also add a mini probe to track the location and depth of non-metallic pipe accurately.

This latest generation of Vermeer utility locators replaces the standard Verifier™ G3 utility locator and comes with three-year coverage.

Contact your local Vermeer dealer to learn more about the Vermeer Verifier G3+ utility locator.

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