Central College engineering grad finds her home at Vermeer

Central College engineering grad finds her home at Vermeer
Young engineers have a checklist of items they are looking for when they search for their first job out of school. Find out why Abigail Lowry, a Central College graduate, chose Vermeer to begin her engineering career.

Young engineers have a checklist of items they are looking for when they search for their first job out of school. There are the obvious things like competitive pay and vacation, but they are also looking for supportive management and development opportunities.

For many Central College graduates, they find all they are looking for just across town at Vermeer Corporation. Proud to be a family-owned and -operated company headquartered in Pella, Iowa, Vermeer serves as a leading example of a successful family business. Even for those who transplant from across the county, Pella is a thriving place to call home, with our small-town charm and energetic downtown vibe.

And Abigail Lowry is one of those great additions to the Pella community. Growing up, Electrical Engineer I Lowry was convinced she was going to be a surgeon. As she got older, she grew more interested in figuring out how things are made. “My dad gave me a circuit kit and it was so much fun,” said Lowry.

She went to a large high school in Philadelphia and was able to be part of a school program that allowed her to design and conceptualize a product and present to Boeing engineers. This experience cemented her goal of becoming an engineer.

Why Central College?

Lowry knew she wanted to go out of state for college. “I like the amenities in a city, but I struggle with a sense of self in a large city like Philadelphia. My brother went to college in Iowa so a visit to Central made sense,” said Lowry. “Central was pretty. It was small enough to get wherever you want quickly. But what really stuck out was the student helpers; they were different than at other colleges I had visited. They weren’t trying to sell me, but just excited to be there. They were excited that I was there.”

Electrical engineering at Vermeer

“I work on the service side of enhancement and really like solving those problems. I also like seeing a more immediate result to the work I’m doing,” said Lowry. “I'm very goal-oriented. There's a problem. We need a solution. And it's going to help our customers in this way.”

New engineering graduates go through an Engineering Development Program (EDP) to provide an overview of engineering and manufacturing processes at Vermeer. During the eight-week program, they gain exposure to the unique culture while growing skills that lead to success within the first years with Vermeer.

“I liked EDP not just because of the cool stuff that we experienced, but also because we get to know people throughout the business.”

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