Bringing a caring culture to Minnesota

We’re a team that puts each other first, demonstrates what true agility looks like and delivers what our customers need.

A group of Vermeer team members from Pella working at our supplier, NRI, in Rochester, Minnesota exemplified this to a T. For six weeks, these team members worked away from their families and loved ones to help get the harnesses we need in Pella to keep yellow iron rolling out the doors. Now that the team is back on the Mile, take a look at the important work they did at NRI.

In those six weeks, they helped build and ship 3,179 harnesses which amounted to $519,563 worth of product. This is approximately 1,500 more harnesses than NRI could have produced on their own, which enabled Vermeer to produce hundreds of additional machines for our customers.

"The Vermeer team there increased the attitude, engagement and energy at the supplier plant, and I'm personally and professionally grateful for their efforts and for the opportunity to get to know each one of them," said Senior Director of Supply Chain Management Mark Bishara.

The team even made an impact on the community - including the hotel that served as their home-away-from-home. See a screenshot of a Facebook post from them below.

"I am tremendously proud of the team and their willingness to put their lives on hold to help keep our lines running. It was impressive to see how quickly they were able to pick up the processes and begin building harnesses at NRI," shared Senior Manufacturing Director Kevin Van Engelenhoven. "Most of all, I was impressed with how well the team represented Vermeer and how they managed to lift up all of the people around them."

Thank you to the following team members for their important work and for representing Vermeer:

  • Bernardino Carpio
  • Brady Anderson
  • Brian Recor
  • Bryan Grewe
  • Chris Boas
  • Chyle deVries
  • Jason Van Wyk
  • Jeffrey Tade
  • John Kissinger
  • Kendall Montgomery
  • Lee King
  • Randy Pena
  • Nate Oostra
  • Andy Dunkin

A caring culture goes well beyond the walls of Vermeer. It's how we treat those we do business with, the communities we work in and everyone in between. Even the smallest actions make a lasting impact. Thank you again to this team for being Vermeer brand champions.

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