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How to adjust the brushes on the TR5300 Trommel Screen

Properly adjusted brushed on a trommel screen help maximize their lifecycle and reduce premature wear. Learn how to adjust the brushes on a TR5300 Trommel Screen.


Speaker 1:

Properly adjusted brushes on a trommel screen help maximize their life cycle and reduce premature wear. To examine the brushes, the ignition key must be removed and in the possession of the person entering the drum. Then push the engine disable switch before entering the drum.



Each machine is equipped with adjustment tools in the machine's tool box. To adjust, first relieve the locking nut. Next, use the adjustment rod. Rotate the adjustment screw clockwise to raise the brushes or counterclockwise to lower them. Lastly, reenter the screen to ensure they are at the proper depth of about 1/4 of an inch.



Remember, if the material being screened is dry enough, you may not need to use the brushes, which will reduce unnecessary wear and can extend the life of the brushes.



Reach out to your local dealer for more information on properly adjusting your screen brushes.


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