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Introducing the BPX9010 Bale Processor | Vermeer Agriculture Equipment

The latest innovation from Vermeer is the new BPX9010 bale processor. Designed as the utility player of the team, the BPX9010 bale processor is capable of specialty is both feeding and bedding. With abilities to distribute a consistent, uniform windrow of crop along the bunk line or out in the pasture, it can also be used for spreading bedding across dirt lots or fields.


- - [Narrator] Simple process. Tough processor. The new BPX9010 Bale Processor from Vermeer is a work-horse in its own league. Combining simplicity. Durability. And versatility. It allows producers to distribute a consistent, uniform wood row along the bunk line. Or out in the pasture. Or spread bedding in ranges of up to 50 feet. With the durability to process bales of different quality like moisture content and shapes. You can expect to spend more time in the tractor doing what you love. Two gearboxes distribute power efficiently. Allowing operators to expect less maintenance when compared to chain, corked up driven processors. Optional kits for a powered sidewall and straight forks enable producers to process large square bales. As the movable sidewall hydraulically repositions bales to keep the processing going. A slat-and-chain bale rotation design beats bales consistently into the rotor reducing the need for reverse-rotation. Heavy duty sprockets and chains allow misshaped bales to be processed more smoothly. And split shafts let you perform maintenance without having to remove the entire chain band. The BPX9010 Bale Processor comes with an all new cut control bar design. It's tool-less so adjustments can be made easily. And it's all accessible from outside the machine. 10 different positions of operative source to control processing speed and material size. And the exclusive rotor cleaner attachment helps reduce excessive net and twine on the rotor. The premier BPX9010 Bale Processor designed with simplicity and durability and versatility in mind. And built from the ground up at the Vermeer world class manufacturing facility in Pella, Iowar. Are you ready to help improve your processing operations? Contact your Vermeer dealer today.

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