From the industry’s first wagon hoist to the pioneering round baler, Vermeer inventions have helped farmers get their work done quickly and efficiently. 

Vermeer farm equipment is built to our traditional high standards, so it delivers the reliable service you expect from one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of agricultural equipment. And each machine is backed by comprehensive service and support from your factory trained Vermeer dealer.

Why I Switched to Vermeer, Oklahoma Edition | Vermeer Agriculture Equipment

When third generation rancher Craig Wofford was due for a new baler, he knew he was ready to try something different. The other brands of balers just weren’t tough enough, productive enough, or gritty enough. The Vermeer 604N baler changed that. In the year of running the 604N in his rugged field conditions, Craig hasn’t had to change a single pickup attachment tooth. Not one. The durability and simplicity of the 604N was just what Craig needed and that is why he switched to Vermeer.

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