Meet the industry leaders — the Vermeer HDD Circuit training team

Skilled team delivers top-notch HDD drilling training experience for students

As the respected leader in horizontal directional drilling and training people to become drillers, HDD Circuit students will learn from the best. You’ll be inspired by industry-leading insight, helpful advice, top techniques, and practical experience this skilled training team provides for HDD Circuit students.

Leaders in the Vermeer HDD Circuit training team include:

Trainer Dan Vroom

Dan Vroom excels at transforming students to go beyond simply becoming an HDD operator, to become drillers. Dan teaches HDD Circuit students to become the kind of team members who can get the job done from start to finish and truly understand the how and why behind HDD drilling. Dan started his career at Vermeer as a certified craftsman, welding “Big Yellow Iron” as Vermeer equipment is affectionately called. His skill in conveying information earned him a spot on the Vermeer customer support lineup, and most recently, into the prestigious HDD Circuit training team. You’ll appreciate Dan’s focus on serving others to help them get the most out of their training experience.


Trainer Tim Poyzer

With more than 3,000 horizontal directional drilling hours to his credit, Tim Poyzer knows and breathes drilling. He trains students in the top tips and techniques he’s learned in his career, so they can build and advance theirs. When it comes to Vermeer HDD equipment, from big to small, Tim’s run them all. From teaching students how to properly transport equipment, to safely operate it, Tim brings extensive experience to the HDD Circuit training team. Tim knows how to wrestle the challenges of about any job site or ground condition. Today, outside of work, he gives back to the sport he enjoyed in his youth, by coaching young wrestlers on to success. Tim brings the same passion for excellence to coaching and training HDD Circuit students.


Trainer Tim Vande Noord

The HDD Circuit training team knows what it’s like to operate HDD drills, because they don’t just sit in the classroom. They get out in field, and they know the thrill of drilling. They know what it’s like to successfully plan and complete underground bores.

New to the HDD Circuit Training squad, Tim Vande Noord joins the team with 4+ years of experience in underground solutions. Trainers like Tim know how important it is to get a real feel for ground conditions, planning bores, understanding soil types, and how to properly operate drilling machines. Tim’s background working at Vermeer dealership’s gives him an extra edge compared to other trainers because he knows the in’s and out’s of servicing, operating and maintaining HDD rigs from the eyes of the customer. Dedicated to customer and operator success, Tim’s hands-on training style allows him to connect with students while watching them grow and add to their in-the-field experience. He shares his insights and experience with HDD Circuit students to help them see their future in a rewarding career as an HDD driller.


Ready for HDD crew members that can deliver the quality of work you need?

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