HDD Circuit training benefits students, employers

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"The HDD Circuit® training program has allowed me to provide my customers HDD support based on real-life hands-on training. To me this hands-on training has more street credit since it is something I have experienced, not something I have read in a book, seen online or watched other crews do." – Justin S.

"In training you can fail and then try something different and learn new ways. In the field you’re going to go with only what you already know."

"With on-the-job training, you are shown a few things, then you’re kind of left to do it on your own." – Aaron A.

"I never would have known how to properly locate, how to log while drilling, mix mud or even how to change frequencies. Right now I am the most knowledgeable operator in our entire area and it’s because of the training I had with you guys." – Steven W.

Caleb Thompson attended the HDD Circuit program in September 2016 and has gone on to start his own company. 

"The instructors were very accommodating to what we wanted to get from our experience," he explains. "They taught us on-the-job best practices that I used to develop my company’s standard operating procedures (SOP). However, I think the biggest benefit of taking the course is that the instructors have stayed in contact with me to see how I’m doing and answer questions." – Caleb T. 

Jackson Energy Authority sent two people through the Vermeer HDD Circuit program in September 2016. "Going through together helped us develop good communication habits and a good workflow," says Jason Gable. "We both learned the right way to do the job at the same time. I think that has been a huge benefit."  

Gable says the Vermeer HDD Circuit program has given him a lot more confidence on the job and helped with training other people. "I learned a lot during my two weeks in Pella, and now I’m trying to share that learning with others," he concludes. – Jason G.

We just did a bore that was 425’ (129.5 m) with a depth of 35’ (10.7 m). Without your class there was no way we could have done it. The bore plan was the key on the project; all we could go off of was pitch due to all of the obstacles. When we completed the bore both Josh and I said without your class it wouldn’t have worked. Hat's off to all the instructors in the HDD Circuit program. I go to over 100 hours of training a year and I have never had a class that was a quarter as helpful as yours. Thanks again. – Bryan L.

While waiting for the hydrovacs, I used the calculations we learned and created a bore plan to drill at a depth of 16’ (4.9 m). Having a rod-by-rod plan I could refer to really helped with the pressure of this shot. I had three reps from Kinder Morgan, my site foreman and three of his superiors there watching me, but the LWDTM looks exactly like my bore plan. I can't express enough to my peers, superiors and to anyone who asks how valuable that course was. – Reed M.

Another big accomplishment was the longest shot Big Bore has completed to date: 1437’ (438 m) done with the D24x40 S3 Navigator® HDD.

I keep boasting to everyone about the HDD Circuit program and how amazing the experience is. We are talking about sending more of our guys down there to take the training. It has made me more successful in my career. There’s something extremely rewarding about watching the drill head enter a catch pit exactly where you wanted it to. But I’ve been using my gained knowledge to try and teach the new guys we hire. I find it easier to teach the greener guys as they mostly come with an open mind and not an ego. We are the busiest that we’ve ever been. Most of our drills have been working all season which has never happened. We have 18 drills ranging from D6x6 to the D40x55 Navigator® HDDs and at any given time, 14-16 have been working steady. This drill season has been the best ever in Big Bore history. The HDD Circuit program has not only benefited me and my skills, it is benefiting the development and growth of our company. I can’t say enough good things about the program, the instructors and the experience. – Roy C.


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