HDD Circuit training transforms students into drillers

Information for prospective students includes how to enroll

Looking for a way to help increase your earning potential? Vermeer HDD Circuit training helps you hit the ground running. Update your job experience, or learn a new skill, as a horizontal directional drill operator, in the sought-after field of underground construction, you’ll learn how to prepare yourself for rewarding construction jobs. You’ll learn how to plan and bore holes. You’ll operate underground drilling equipment. You’ll be better prepared for a job as part of a team that lays water, sewer or gas lines or completes other pipeline or utility installations in developed or undeveloped job sites.

HDD Circuit training takes place at the global headquarters of Vermeer Corporation, the respected industry leader in underground construction and training. You’ll gain hands-on skills from the expert training team at Vermeer. Trainers have spent their careers in construction fields. Operating drills. Testing equipment and developing the world-class HDD Circuit curriculum to prepare you for real-life challenges to transform you from an equipment operator into a valued driller.

This isn’t monotonous training delivered to the masses in a large lecture hall, or simply sitting in a classroom skimming through topics for a few hours. This is real-life training. It’s real scenarios to prepare you for real experiences on the job, operating an underground drill. You’ll get out, get dirty, and get the thrill of learning how to operate the powerful underground drilling rigs — horizontal directional drills. Plus, you’ll also learn how to properly operate a backhoe to dig a square hole as you get started in planning bores and drilling underground.

You’ll “mix mud” and learn why drilling fluid is so important to getting the job done right when it comes to planning and completing underground bores. You’ll learn about terms like “potholing” to use water to help safely expose underground utilities if a bore plan changes. Plus, you’ll learn how to look at returns coming out of bore hole and know if it’s sufficient. You’ll also learn how to use a vacuum excavator to remove excess soil from a bore hole.

HDD Circuit is in a league of its own. It’s the only certified HDD training program accredited by a college in the USA.

When you earn a coveted certificate from Des Moines Area Community College, as a graduate the HDD Circuit training program, you’ll be have the confidence in knowing that you’re trained to be more skilled from the start — well prepared to finish the job faster and install more product, more accurately.

You’ll learn how to become a driller from start to finish. HDD Circuit training teaches you about key areas like:

  • Setup and transport of HDD drilling equipment
  • Preparation of job sites and equipment
  • How to safely and efficiently get the job done.

Real-life training transforms students into drillers

Here’s why HDD Circuit training sets the pace for the industry

  • Courses on bore planning, utility locating and completing real-world bores
  • Instruction by experienced drilling experts
  • Mix of classroom, simulator, and hands-on training
  • Opportunity to install product using reamers, for a real-world experience
  • Access to a variety of Vermeer and industry-leading HDD equipment, including DCI® locators and McLaughlin® vacuum excavators and digital locators
  • Small class sizes of eight students per session
  • Train on real HDD drilling machines
  • Frequent classes held from spring to fall, in Pella, Iowa, USA.

How to register for next available class

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