Employers: need skilled horizontal directional drill (HDD) operators?

Trust Vermeer to train your team to become drillers

Whether you employ new team members, or want to build the skills of existing crews, HDD Circuit training from Vermeer will help make a real impact on your operation’s success.

Vermeer understands that your No. 1 challenge is a shortage of skilled workers. After all, your horizontal directional drill operation’s reputation is only as good as the teamwork and skill of your crews. That’s why Vermeer proudly offers an industry-leading HDD Circuit training program that can help you recruit, train and retain the best of the best drillers.

Vermeer HDD Circuit training transforms people into HDD professionals. Men and women trained to know how to locate utilities, plan bores, mix mud, drill holes, with the knowledge of how and why to it’s important to safely and efficiently transport, operate and maintain horizontal directional drills. Those who complete the sought-after HDD Circuit program know how to get the job done!

Highly-trained crews take pride in the work they do, and can become long-term, dependable, productive members of your company’s team.  


Why should your employees take part in this training?

  • Vermeer HDD Circuit training helps you get the most out of your machines and your people.

HDD Circuit trained crews benefit your business in key ways:


  • Trained drill operators and crew members help boost jobsite productivity.

Return on investment (ROI)

  • Increasing of your employees’ job knowledge provides an opportunity for your company’s growth, resulting in higher machine satisfaction with fewer operator issues.

Safety knowledge

  • Understanding how to safely operate horizontal directional drills helps protect your employees, and the jobsites where they work.

Machine satisfaction

  • Trained operators and crew members will learn how to prioritize maintenance schedules to help optimize machine productivity.


  • Your employees will learn the importance of working together as a team as part of an HDD crew. Students will gain essential skills to prepare them to be drillers.
  • On the job time is money, so Vermeer teaches HDD Circuit students how to get the most out of their day. They’ll pick up time management tips and practice effective communication techniques.
  • Students experience cross-functional teamwork in class through role playing exercises. That helps them understand why it is important for each member of the HDD drilling crew to know and do their specific job, and understand the roles of others.



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