Vermeer HDD Circuit training builds core competencies for employees

Comprehensive program prepares people to become productive drillers

Vermeer HDD Circuit training helps your workers hit the ground running. They’ll be more skilled from the start. Plus, they will be better prepared to finish the job faster and install more product, more accurately.

Here’s the Vermeer difference — we teach drill crews to succeed in:

  • Setup and transport
  • Preparation
  • Execution

Here’s more about what students will do and learn:

Jobsite evaluation and setup

  • How to safely and efficiently set up, transport and operate HDD drills.

Drill head locating/utility tracking

  • How to track the bore head utilizing the Digital Controls Inc. (DCI) Falcon F5 system
  • Utilize DCI’s Log While Drilling (LWD) technology to verify students pilot bore

HDD safety

  • What is required to comply with operator and safety guidelines
  • How to identify and help prevent unsafe behaviors
  • What to do and consider in the event of a utility strike

Utility locating/Potholing

  • Locate existing buried utilities by using best practices and hands on training
  • Perform vacuum excavation of located utilities, using industry best practices

Drilling fluid testing and mixing

  • The full process of testing and mixing drilling fluid, knowing as “mixing mud,” using best practices
  • Why drilling fluid is so important, plus how different soils react
  • How to help combat different scenarios, to achieve more successful bores

Drilling and pullback process

  • Learn proper bore and pullback techniques. Students will experience HDD drilling first-hand, as they complete multiple bores, while pulling back different sized products (single and bundle/large high density polyethylene (HDPE) product behind reamer), and also learning pullback speed calculations and auto drill techniques to create quality hole openers with the technology that is available on Vermeer drills.

Equipment care and maintenance

  • Perform basic maintenance and inspection, and understand the correlation to machine performance

Ready for HDD crew members that deliver the quality of work you need?

Openings in Vermeer HDD Circuit training fill up fast. So what are you waiting for? Click here to learn about future class schedules and how to get your crew on the list. 

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