Vermeer® HDD Circuit℠ training program prepares people for careers as drillers

Builds operator skills for horizontal directional drilling construction jobs

2018 course dates:

March 12-22, 2018
April 9-19, 2018
May 14-24, 2018
June 4-14, 2018
Sept. 10-20, 2018
Oct. 1-11, 2018

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What is the Vermeer HDD Circuit Training Program?

The Vermeer Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) Circuit Training program is a comprehensive, two-week program intended to take someone with little to no drilling experience and give them the skills and knowledge needed to work on a drill crew.

Presented by industry-leading horizontal directional drilling professionals at Vermeer Corporation, Vermeer as partnered with Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) to provide this multi-faceted training that includes classroom instruction and actual drilling operation with equipment.

All training is conducted in Pella, Iowa, USA, the global headquarters of Vermeer, and is the only accredited certificate course of its kind in the country. Students earn 72 semester hours and 7.2 continuing education units (CEUs) upon completion of HDD Circuit Training course.

By combining underground construction equipment operation with classroom instruction, and experiencing the dynamic new Vermeer Navigator HDD Simulator™ 1.0, HDD Circuit Training students gain valuable insight and skills.

This program has been approved to provide tuition assistance, supplies, lodging for veterans and other eligible persons in order to access GI Bill program benefits in Iowa.

Put your career in gear!

When it comes to career training, expect the best. Depend on Vermeer, industry leaders in horizontal directional drilling equipment and training, to transform students from beginners to productive crew members.

Underground drilling jobs are often in high demand, because HDD drills are used in applications like installing, water, sewer or gas lines, or other underground utilities. HDD Circuit Training students will learn how to operate HDD equipment in clay or ideal ground conditions and the following competencies.

-HDD Safety

Recommended operator and safety guidelines

Recognize unsafe behaviors

Utility strike procedures

-Jobsite set up and bore planning

How to safely and efficiently transport and set up HDD drills

Daily bore planning activities

-Drill head locating

Track drill head utilizing Digital Controls Inc. (DCI) Falcon F5 System

Utilize DCI’s Log While Drilling (LWD) technology to verify students pilot bores

-Utility locating and potholing

Locate existing utilities and best practices

Vacuum excavate located utility and best practices

-Drilling fluid testing, mixing and best practice

Learn entire process of testing and mixing drilling fluid and understand its importance

-Drilling and pullback process

Learn proper bore and pullback techniques with a variety of sizes

Learn pullback speed calculations with reamers of diverse sizes

-Equipment care and maintenance

Perform daily drill maintenance to better understand its correlation to machine performance


Count on DMACC to make registering for HDD Circuit  program courses quick and easy.

Here’s how to enroll

The HDD Circuit training program is conducted in partnership with and certified by Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC), headquartered in Ankeny, Iowa.

Students from anywhere may enroll in HDD Circuit training. The course is conducted across the “Vermeer mile” at Vermeer global headquarters and training center in Pella, Iowa.

As the only HDD drill operator training of its kind, certified by an accredited educational institution, HDD Circuit program graduates earn a coveted certificate of certification. Students earn 72 semester hours and 7.2 continuing education units (CEUs) upon completion of HDD Circuit training.

What’s the value of a HDD Circuit program certificate of certification?

Increasingly, municipalities or others request written documentation, like certificates of certification, that jobsite crews and operators have been trained in the proper operation of HDD equipment, used for underground drilling.

Use GI Bill® benefits for tuition, supplies

If you’re a USA military veteran, use your GI Bill benefits to help cover tuition, supplies and lodging costs in Pella, Iowa, for the HDD Circuit training program.

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