Vermeer® HDD Circuit℠ training prepares people for careers as drillers

Builds operator skills for horizontal directional drilling construction jobs

What is the vermeer HDD Circuit Training Program?

Vermeer HDD Circuit training is a comprehensive two-week training program, presented by industry-leading horizontal directional drilling professionals at Vermeer Corporation. Training is conducted in Pella, Iowa, USA, the global headquarters of Vermeer.

HDD Circuit courses are offered in the spring through the fall of each year.

 As the only certificate course accredited by DMACC of its kind in the USA, HDD Circuit training sets the pace for men and women who want or have jobs as horizontal directional drillers.

HDD Circuit trains drill operators for rewarding horizontal directional drilling construction careers. By combining underground construction equipment operation with classroom instruction, and experiencing the dynamic new Vermeer Navigator HDD Simulator™ 1.0, HDD Circuit students gain valuable insight and skills. During training, students learn how to safely and properly operate, transport and maintain horizontal directional drills, as well as use a utility locator, mix mud and use Vermeer Productivity Tools.

Put your career in gear!

Underground drilling jobs are often in high demand, because HDD drills are used in applications like installing, water, sewer or gas lines, or other underground utilities. HDD Circuit students will learn how to operate drills in tight working conditions on developed job sites — like existing home or business areas — or in more open working conditions, like new developments.

Trust Vermeer to deliver top-notch training

When it comes to career training, expect the best. Depend on Vermeer, industry leaders in horizontal directional drilling equipment and training. The Vermeer HDD Circuit team is skilled in the operation of drills, ranging in size from large to small, and what it takes to run rigs of all kinds.

Count on DMACC to make registering for HDD Circuit courses quick and easy.

Here’s how to enroll

HDD Circuit training is conducted in partnership with and certified by Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC), headquartered in Ankeny, Iowa.

Students from anywhere may enroll in HDD Circuit training. The course is conducted across the “Vermeer mile” at Vermeer global headquarters and training center in Pella, Iowa.

As the only HDD drill operator training of its kind, certified by an accredited educational institution, HDD Circuit graduates earn a coveted certificate of certification.

What’s the value of a HDD Circuit certificate of certification?

Increasingly, municipalities or others request written documentation, like certificates of certification, that jobsite crews and operators have been trained in the proper operation of HDD equipment, used for underground drilling.

Use GI Bill® benefits for tuition, supplies

If you’re a USA military veteran, use your GI Bill benefits to help cover tuition, supplies and lodging costs in Pella, Iowa, for HDD Circuit training.

Enroll in HDD Circuit training

It’s easy to get started. Register for HDD Circuit training directly with Des Moines Area Community College. 


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