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The Vermeer XR2 vacuum excavator is the industry’s first vacuum excavator equipped with a shaker deck that separates liquids and solids to allow contractors to stay on the jobsite longer, work efficiently and reduce disposal expenses. Material excavated with the XR2 is fed through an onboard deceleration tank that exits through an airlock onto a shaker deck where solids and liquids are then separated. The solid material is moved by conveyor toward the rear of the machine where it is discharged and can be carried away or left on the jobsite, depending on the material. Used, slurry water is pumped into the fluid storage tanks for disposal. The design of the XR2 can help expand the use of vacuum excavation for everything from utility potholing and stitch boring to slot trenching and general construction, equipping you to do more.

Available in early 2020 in select regions

Features and benefits

  • This machine boasts 1500 gal (5678.1 L) of freshwater storage throughout four 500 gal (1892.7 L) tanks that hold both fresh water and slurry. As the freshwater tanks empty, they begin to fill with slurry – never wasting valuable space on the machine. 
  • The airlock rotates continuously, discharging solids and liquids while maintaining vacuum within the system.
  • Features a full-function remote control, allowing one-person operation of the boom, vac, conveyer, separation and dig pump.
  • The effective weight distribution across a heavy-duty front axle and rear tandem drive axles allows you to drive confidently with a return weight under 54,000 lb (24,494 kg) when at the recommended full capacity of 10.5 ppg (1.26 sg) of slurry.
  • A hydraulic PTO helps keep you running and saves time because you do not need to shift power back and forth to the vac and truck.
  • The shaker deck separates solids from liquid which helps lighten the slurry load that needs disposed of and helps extend time on the jobsite.
  • Place solids separated from slurry where you want it with a convenient built-in conveyor belt that rotates 180-degrees and discharges 14’ (4.3 m) out and up to 80” (203.2 cm).
  • The blower helps reduce clogging and allows for quick cleanup due to high CFM and reverse flow.
  • The XR2 features a boom with the ability to telescope between 14’ (4.3 m) and 21’ (6.4 m) while maintaining dig tube depth.
Overall Length 432 in 1097.3 cm
Truck Width 102 in 259.1 cm
Body Width 98 in 248.9 cm
Overall Height 138 in 350.5 cm
Wheel Base 282 in 716.3 cm
Tandem Axle Spread 54 in 137.2 cm
Cab to Tandem Axle 214 in 543.6 cm
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) 60000 lbs 27215.5 kg
Gross Axle Weight Rating - Steering Axle 20000 lbs 9071.8 kg
Gross Axle Weight Rating - Tandem Axle 40000 lbs 18143.7 kg
Curb Weight 39000 lbs 17690.1 kg
Maximum Recommended Loaded Weight 54000 lbs 24494 kg
Model Kenworth T880
Engine Paccar MX13
Engine Power 455 hp 339.3 kw
Transmission 4500 RDS Allison Transmission
Drivetrain PTO, Chelsea 870
Number of Tanks 4
Tank Capacity - Each 500 gal 1892.7 L
Maximum Water Capacity 1500 gal 5678.1 L
Maximum Slurry Capacity 1300 gal at 10.5 ppg (1.36 SG)
Maximum Reach 252 in 640.1 cm
Horizontal Travel 84 in 213.4 cm
Rotation 260 deg
Vertical Travel at Maximum Reach 120 in 304.8 cm
Maximum Reach 168 in 426.7 cm
Rotation 180 deg
Maximum Discharge Height 80 in 203.2 cm
Belt Width 18 in 45.7 cm
Maximum Flow 10 gpm 37.9 L/min
Maximum Pressure 3000 psi 206.8 bar
Pressure Adjustment Electronic
Strainer 100
Low Water Shutoff Electronic
Hose Reel Type Spring Retract
Water Hose Length 75 ft 22.9 m
Maximum Vacuum CFM 3400 cfm 96.3 cmm
Maximum Vacuum 18 inHg (609.5 Mbar)
Hose Diameter 6 in 15.2 cm
Number of Cyclones 6
Type of Filters 2 micron washable poly
Blower Silencer Standard
Reverse Pressure Standard
Maximum Reverse Pressure 5 psi .3 bar
Number of Shakers 1 - Double deck
Shaker Bed Opening Width 1 in 2.5 cm
Shaker Bed Area 19.3 sq-ft (1.8 sq-m)
Control Panel Electronic display with 7" screen
Wireless Remote Dual joystick wireless remote
PTO Activation Hydraulic
Cold Weather Enclosure Yes
In-tank Heaters 104,000 BTU (109,725,809 Joules) glycol heater and heat exchangers
Dig Pump Water Heater 420,000 BTU (443,123,458 Joules) diesel fired broiler


The Unveil: XR2 Vacuum Excavator at ICUEE 2019

At ICUEE 2019, Vermeer introduced the new XR2 vacuum excavator. This machine is the industry’s first vacuum excavator equipped with a shaker deck that separates liquids and solids to allow contractors to stay on the jobsite longer, work efficiently and reduce disposal expenses.


XR2 Truck Vacuum Excavator

Recent news

October 01, 2019
Vermeer continues to propel the utility industry forward with the introduction of a new advancement in hydro-excavation - the Vermeer XR2 vacuum excavator, equipped with a shaker deck.

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