Vacuum Excavation Systems

Whether you’re dealing with mud, water, sawdust, a sticky highway spill or most other non-hazardous substances, Vermeer distributes powerful excavation machines that let you get in and get the job done.


McLaughlin Vacuum Excavators
Designed for wet or dry materials, McLaughlin vacuum excavators clean out storm drains and manholes, uncover underground utilities, suck out mud, remove saw dust at mills and perform many other non-hazardous tasks.  Available in 100 gallon/379 liter to 1200 gallon/4542 liter spoil tank options for reduced dumping cycle time.

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Vac-Tron Vacuum Excavation Systems
Vac-Tron machines work efficiently, collecting slurry mud behind directional drills, safely locating underground utility lines, or performing industrial clean-up of man-holes, storm drain clean out, etc. Also useful in natural disaster clean-up.

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V100 Diesel


Vermeer Pipeline Installation Capabilities

Tomorrow’s energy demand is driving pipeline installation across the world, and Vermeer offers the equipment you need to complete the job – from right-of-way clearing to both open-cut and trenchless installation of large-diameter lines. Choose from a powerful range of horizontal and tub grinders for land clearing, track trenchers to cut through the toughest rock formations, and cross rivers and environmentally sensitive areas with our lineup of horizontal directional drills and accessories, including maxi rigs, mix systems, reclaimers and high-pressure mud pumps.