TE330 Tedder

Designed to maneuver like a model half its width, the TE330 gives you an impressive 33.5'/10.2 m of tedding action. Tight turning circle and constant-velocity U-joints improve handling. Unique trailed framework and hydraulic lift and fold provide convenient transporting. Double-framed construction stabilizes tedder arms as they meet the contour of your fields with pivot points along the driveline for superior flex. And the exclusive Vermeer hooked double tines deliver “bottoms up” for faster dry down.

Features and benefits

  • Easy and simple to transport, with the transport tires and cart.
  • Adjust rotor angles without tools to match crop and field conditions, using the wheel settings under the rotors.
  • Work along fences and field edges by setting the tines to the inner position to feed the crop directly behind the machine.
  • Keep working, not wrapping thanks to the Vermeer anti-wrap plates and curved wheel supports that keep the crop from wrapping around the wheels.
  • Protect your investment. Vermeer “hook” tines are the only ones in the industry with a 3-year limited warranty.
  • See your Vermeer dealer for comprehensive service and genuine Vermeer replacement parts.
Transport Height 114 in 289.6 cm
Transport Width 118 in 299.7 cm
Transport Length 227 in 576.6 cm
Weight 5260 lbs 2385.9 kg
Tire Size - Transport 10.0 x 75-15.3 - 10ply
Horsepower Requirements 60 hp 44.7 kw
Hydraulic Pressure 2100 psi 144.8 bar
Hook up Drawbar
Drive 540 rpm PTO
Safety Equipment SMV sign, tail lights
Tie System Hook Tine


Tedder Series | Vermeer Agriculture Equipment

When it comes to haying in high moisture climates or areas with above normal rainfall, nothing shortens drying times and reduces nutritional losses better than TE Series Tedders from Vermeer. These unique TE Series models are the tedders of choice for those who wish to close the gap between cutting and bailing, smart design, better technology and fewer hassles.


TE330 Tedder

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