RTX750 Ride-On Tractor

Exceed jobsite expectations with the versatile RTX750 ride-on tractor from Vermeer. The RTX750 is a compact, productive machine well-suited to work on a wide variety of jobs in the tightest spaces. Rubber tires can be interchanged with the quad track system, allowing contractors to choose the optimal configuration for the jobsite, while four-wheel and crab steering deliver exceptional maneuverability. An arsenal of attachments, including rockwheels, plows, combos and trenchers are the tools needed to help get the job done.

Features and benefits

  • With a 10.5’ (3.2 m) length and a 72” (182.9 cm) width (rubber tire), the maneuverable RTX750 has a compact footprint, making it well-suited to working in tight jobsite confines and congested residential areas.
  • An integrated system display allows the operator to easily monitor important machine functions, while the capability to monitor percentage of hydrostatic capacity use is especially useful when training new operators.
  • The TrenchSense™ electronic control system can react faster than the operator to prevent engine stall/stop when difficult digging conditions are encountered. By eliminating the need to return controls to neutral and restart, productivity can be increased, and the whole sequence occurs within seconds.


Weight (basic tractor, rubber tires) 5900 lbs 2676.2 kg
Weight (basic tractor, tracks) 9330 lbs 4232 kg
Length (basic tractor, rubber tires) 126 in 320 cm
Length (basic tractor, tracks) 133.2 in 338.3 cm
Width (basic tractor, rubber tires) 72 in 182.9 cm
Width (basic tractor, tracks) 78.5 in 199.4 cm
Height (basic tractor, rubber tires) 100.3 in 254.8 cm
Make and Model Deutz TD2.9L4
Gross Horsepower (Maximum) 74 hp 55.2 kw
Maximum Torque 192 ft-lb 260.3 Nm
Cooling Medium Liquid
Fuel Type Diesel
Emissions rating Tier 4 fina
Noise Level at Operator's Ear 91 d(B)a
Make and Model Cummins B3.3T
Maximum Torque 181 ft-lb 245.4 Nm
Cooling Medium Water
Fuel Type Diesel
Emissions rating Tier 4i (EU Stage IIIB)
Noise Level at Operator's Ear 95 d(B)a
Ground drive pump capacity 35 gpm 132.5 L/min
Ground drive pump relief 4350 psi 299.9 bar
Attachment pump capacity 35 gpm 132.5 L/min
Attachment pump relief 5500 psi 379.2 bar
Auxiliary pump capacity 19.4 gpm 73.4 L/min
Auxiliary pump relief 2500 psi 172.4 bar
Fuel Tank 27 gal 102.2 L
Hydraulic Tank 23 gal 87.1 L
Hydraulic System 25 gal 94.6 L
Coolant 3 gal 11.4 L
Maximum forward transport speed (high) 5 mph 8 km/h
Maximum reverse transport speed (high) 5 mph 8 km/h
Tire size 38" x 14" (96.5 cm x 35.6 cm)
Maximum forward transport speed (high) 4 mph 6.4 km/h
Maximum reverse transport speed (high) 4 mph 6.4 km/h
Front Axle Type Steerable planetary with hydraulic differential lock
Rear Axle Type Steerable planetary with hydraulic differential lock
Axle load rating (static, per axle) 11250 lbs 5102.9 kg
Outside Turning Diameter (Rubber Tires, Front Steer Only) 33 ft 10.1 m
Outside turning diameter (tracks, front steer only) 39.5 ft
Outside Turning Diameter (Rubber Tires, Front and Rear Steer) 16.8 ft 5.1 m
Outside turning diameter (tracks, front and rear steer) 23 ft
Service Brake Type Hydrostatic
Parking Brake Type Spring-applied, hydraulic release

Equipment Specification Disclaimer

Vermeer Corporation reserves the right to make changes in engineering, design, and specifications; add improvements; or discontinue manufacturing at any time without notice or obligation. Equipment shown is for illustrative purposes only and may display optional or global-region specific features, accessories or components. Please contact your local Vermeer dealer for more information on machine specifications. Vermeer, the Vermeer logo, Equipped to Do More and Navigator are trademarks of Vermeer Manufacturing Company in the U.S. and/or other countries

Power down through the surface for efficient cable installation with minimal surface disruption.

Model Name VP750
Drive Type Hydrostatic
Weight Without Blade 1500 lbs 680.4 kg
Length (Minimum Transport) 74.3 in 188.7 cm
Shaker Force (Maximum RPM) 24000 lbs 10886.2 kg
Maximum Plow Steer Angle 30 deg
Maximum Swing Angle 30 deg
Maximum Plow Depth (Rubber Tires) 30 in 76.2 cm
Maximum Plow Depth (Tracks) 36 in 91.4 cm

Cut clean, flat-bottomed trenches the size you need.

Trench in confined spaces with a sliding offset design that lets you work closely along guardrails, curbs and buildings.

Model Name SO750
Drive Type Hydrostatic
Weight (48 " (121.92 cm) boom, no chain) 2830 lbs 1283.7 kg
Length (Minimum Transport) 94 in 238.8 cm
Maximum Trench Depth 60 in 152.4 cm
Maximum Trench Width 12 in 30.5 cm
Minimum Trench Width 6 in 15.2 cm
Maximum offset 24 in 61 cm

Cuts through rock, concrete and other tough surfaces.

Model Name RW732
Drive Type Hydrostatic
Weight (Without Teeth and Segments) 3120 lbs 1415.2 kg
Length (Minimum Transport) 84.5 in 214.6 cm
Ground Clearance (Maximum Transport) 18 in 45.7 cm
Wheel Diameter 64.8 in 164.5 cm
Maximum Cutting Depth 32 in 81.3 cm
Maximum Cutting Width 8 in 20.3 cm
Minimum Cutting Width 4 in 10.2 cm


RTX750 Ride-On Tractor

RTX750 ride-on tractor with plow attachment.


RTX750 Ride-On Tractor

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