R9x12T Reclaimer

For large-scale pipeline projects with high-fluid volume needs, the R9x12T reclaimer is outfitted for optimum performance. From optional linear or orbital shaker motion that improves recycling efficiency, to features like one-level working deck and independent hydraulic jacks, the R9x12T covers every base.  And it’s equipped with industry-leading pumps, cones, screens and valves.

Features and benefits

  • Built with the operator in mind, the R9x12T Reclaimer isolates vibration with four airbags per shaker.
  • Centralized operator controls for convenience.
  • The generator enclosure is designed to minimize noise.
  • Get all-in-one performance thanks to an optional isolated venturi nozzle that offers simultaneous mixing and recycling.
  • Spacious working deck offers storage space for a pallet for convenient access to the mix hopper.
  • See your Vermeer dealer for comprehensive service and genuine Vermeer replacement parts.
Weight 57500 lbs 26081.6 kg
Length 51.8 ' 15.8 m
Width 8.5 ' 2.6 m
Height 13.4 ' 4.1 m
Type Triple axle trailer
Suspension Air-ride
Axles 10-bolt, hub-piloted, ABS ready
Certifications DOT lighting and braking
Maximum Capacity 8361 gal 31649.8 L
Number of Tanks Three
Clean/Mix Tank Capacity 3128 gal 11840.8 L
Shaker Type Linear or orbital
Number of Shakers Four (two motors/shaker)
Shaker Bed Area - each 26 sq. ft. (2.4 sq. m)
Number of Screens per Shaker Three
Screen Dimension 25 " x 49.25 " (63.5 cm x 125.1 cm)
Cleaning Capacity (First Cut) 300 gpm 1135.6 L/min
Desander Capacity 1500 gpm 5678.1 L/min
Desander Quantity/Size Three 10 " (25.4 cm) cones
Desilter Capacity 1200 gpm 4542.5 L/min
Desilter Quantity/Size Sixteen 5 " (12.7 cm) cones
Make and Model John Deere 6090
Generator 250 KW (335 hp) standby, 480 V, 60 Hz
Agitator System Three 4.4 hp (3.3 kW) stainless steel bladed motors
Air Compressor 150 psi (10.3 bar) maximum (optional)
Ancillary Electrical System 120/240 volt circuit for accessory equipment (heaters, tools, etc.)
Work Lights Four 500 watt


R9x12T Reclaimer


R9x12T Reclaimer

See the Vermeer R9x12T Reclaimer in action!
May 05, 2014
See the Vermeer R9x12T Reclaimer in action!

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