MC2800 Mower Conditioner

The new Mower Conditioner line from Vermeer combines productivity, flexibility and convenience into one powerful package. With the all-new, efficient Q3™ Cutter Bar, the MC2800 Mower Conditioner requires just 65 horsepower (48 kW), and its modular design makes maintenance and repair user-friendly with the added convenience of unique cutter bar accessibility. Practical innovations, including the Quick-Clip® Blade Retention System and Quick-Change™ Shear Ring, make the tasks of changing blades or repairing a sheared disc quick and simple. When it's time to mow, the new Vermeer MC2800 Mower Conditioner can get the job done.

Features and benefits

  • The all-new Q3 Cutter Bar, a modular shaft-driven cutter bar, offers greater fuel efficiency with minimal gear-to-gear interface, requiring less horsepower than gear bed style cutter bars.
  • The Quick-Clip Blade Retention System for quickly replacing or reversing blades, and the Quick-Change Shear Ring to protect your cutter bar from potentially damaging obstacles, provide convenient maintenance and repair.
  • Nitrogen-charged accumulator suspension system provides a consistent weight on the cutter bar throughout the full range of motion, and can be easily customized with a simple turn of a lever.
  • Offered with either a roller or tine conditioner option, the MC2800 gives operators the ability to choose their preferred conditioning method. And with multiple swath adjustments, operators have control over their windrow formation – whether they want a narrow windrow or a wide swath.
  • A spring-loaded hood keeps the weight light enough for easy lifting, and magnets in the curtain keep it out of the way for convenient cutter bar access when maintenance is performed.
  • See your Vermeer dealer for comprehensive service and genuine Vermeer replacement parts.
Transport Height 73 in 185.4 cm
Transport Width - ends up 8.6 ft 2.6 m
Transport Width - ends down 11.4 ft 3.5 m
Transport Length 18.1 ft 5.5 m
Working Height 73 in 185.4 cm
Total Weight (Roller Conditioner) 4150 lbs 1882.4 kg
Total Weight (Tine Conditioner) 3950 lbs 1791.7 kg
Tongue Weight 1000 lbs 453.6 kg
Ground Clearance (Maximum) 17 in 43.2 cm
Tongue - standard Drawbar (540 rpm)
Drive - PTO 540 rpm
Horsepower Required 65 hp 48.5 kw
Hydraulic Type 2- Double Acting
Hydraulic Pressure 1900 psi 131 bar
Hydraulic flow rate 6 gpm 22.7 L/min
Cab Fully Enclosed Cab
Cutting Width 9.1 ft 2.8 m
Cutting Height - minimum 1 in 2.5 cm
Cutting Height - maximum 8 in 20.3 cm
Shear Protection Quick-Change™ Shear Ring
Number of Discs 6
Disc Type Quick-Clip® Blade Retention System
Disc Cut Diameter 23.1 in 58.7 cm
Disc Speed 2700 rpm
Number of Blades 12
Angle Adjustment Hydraulic Pitch Control
Skid Shoes Single Skid Shoe - Full Coverage
Type Intermeshing Steel Rollers
Conditioner Drive 4 - 5V belt
Conditioner Width 86 in 218.4 cm
Roller Diameter 9.3 in 23.6 cm
Roller Speed 740 rpm
Windrow Width - Minimum 36 in 91.4 cm
Windrow Width - Maximum 82 in 208.3 cm
Type V-tine
Conditioner Drive 4 - 5V belt
Conditioner Width 86 in 218.4 cm
Working Diameter 22 in 55.9 cm
Tine Speed Low 800 rpm
Tine Speed High 1000 rpm
Windrow Width - Minimum 36 in 91.4 cm
Windrow Width - Maximum 88 in 223.5 cm
Tires 12.5L-15
Mower Suspension Hydraulic - Nitrogen Charged Accumulator
Safety Equipment SMV Sign
Torque Protection Friction/Over-Running Clutch
Warranty 3-year Cutter Bar Warranty
Topping Cylinder Standard
Safety Chain Yes
Platform Yes


Vermeer Mower Conditioner Suspension Animation

Vermeer mower conditioners are equipped with innovations like the patented DynaGuard® swing-back suspension and are built to tackle any field and deliver superior performance, easier maintenance and better equipment protection.


MC2800 Mower Conditioner

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