ZR5 Self-Propelled Baler Concept

Big-time operators need a big-time machine to do big-time things. This first of its kind – the ZR5 self-propelled baler makes quick work of any field while offering an unprecedented level of operator comfort and maneuverability.  Automating parts of the baling process, the ZR5 aims to reduce the number of steps an operator must complete to make a bale as well as provide the ability to automatically make real-time adjustments based on field, crop and operator inputs.  Get ready to go big time and let the ZR5 change the way you put up hay.  

Features and benefits

  • Unprecedented ride quality is achieved through patent-pending suspension technology.  Operators experience a smoother, more comfortable ride with the cab uniquely positioned over the suspension.
  • Spend less time turning and more time baling with the zero-turn capability of the ZR5.  When it’s time to drive on the road, switch to Transport Mode which disengages the zero-turn capability.
  • In the cab, experience wide-field visibility and the camera system allows the operator to easily monitor crop entering the chamber.  
  • Key parts of the baling process are automated when using the ZR5.  When the desired bale size is achieved, the machine will stop automatically, begin tying, quarter turn for bale ejection (if desired), open and close the tailgate and return to where it was in the windrow.  To begin baling again, simply push the “Go” button. 
  • Hydraulically driven, the ZR5 can make baling adjustments in real-time based on field and crop conditions or baler and operator inputs.    
  • Maintenance is easy to perform with the ZR5.  In just a few minutes, the bale chamber can be removed to perform maintenance.  Once maintenance is complete, it can just as easily be reinstalled.
  • Integrated quarter-turn technology allows the operator to eject bales to the right, left or straight back.  Using the left or right option, bales are positioned parallel with the windrow allowing for more efficiency when picking up bales.  When loading bales positioned using the quarter-turn technology, the process of picking up bales can be up to 35% faster.
  • Transport speeds of 30+ mph allow operators to quickly get from field-to-field or home after a long day of baling.
Bale Diameter 72 " 182.9 cm
Bale Width 61 " 154.9 cm


Inside the Innovation: ZR5 Development | Vermeer Agricultural Equipment

Get an inside look from Kent Thompson, Research and Development Manager of Forage Innovations, on the innovation behind the ZR5 Self-Propelled Round Baler. Unveiled by Vermeer Corporation in September of 2017, the zero-turn round baler aims to improve baler maneuverability, increased productivity and automate steps in the baling process.


ZR5 Cornstalk 2

Recent news

September 13, 2017
Vermeer continues to lead innovation in the hay and forage industry by introducing the world’s first self-propelled round baler.

The ZR5 self-propelled baler offers unprecedented ride quality using patent-pending suspension technology.  It also aims to reduce the number of steps an operator takes to produce a bale. This comparison illustrates the differences between the ZR5 and a conventional tractor-baler combination.