Vermeer Navigator™ HDD Simulator 1.0

The Vermeer NavigatorTM HDD Simulator 1.0 offers you the ability to learn the basics of operating drill controls without ever stepping foot on a real drill. You will experience a real-world drilling simulation through an on-screen simulator and utilizing common controls and an operator’s station that are on the Vermeer Navigator® HDD lineup from the D10x15 S3 through the D220x300 S3 Navigator® HDDs. While drilling, receive real-time feedback and watch your bore path compared to your plan. The Vermeer Navigator HDD Simulator 1.0 is a great way to familiarize yourself with a HDD controls or to practice your skills.

Features and benefits

  • The operator’s station on the Vermeer Navigator HDD simulator features simplified, common controls and an authentic Navigator HDD drill seat. Additionally, it provides a great operator-friendly workstation layout for full, dual-screen viewing.
  • The Vermeer Navigator HDD simulator features controls that are the same across our Navigator HDD lineup so you can more easily transition from the simulator to a drill.
  • Help your new crew members take the next step in becoming a drill operator. Get realistic, hands-on training of basic drill functions and the concept of drilling before ever sitting on a real drill. 
  • View your actual drilling path on screen in real-time compared to the bore path planned within the program.  
  • Receive real-time, on-screen feedback on your drilling techniques. Get scored on missed grease, mud flow, dropped rods, makeup torque and more.
  • Minimize risk of damaging equipment or existing utilities by training new operators with a simulator before getting on a drill. Using the simulator, the operator has the ability to experience certain replicated drill operations assisting in reducing actual on-drill training time.
  • Easily travel with the chair and controls with built-in casters and easy on-screen setup instructions.
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