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605N Cornstalk Special
Bale Diameter 72 in (182.9 cm)
Bale Width 61 in (154.9 cm)
Bale Weight Not applicable
605N Cornstalk Special
Length - Standard 195 in (495.3 cm)
Length (With Net) Not applicable
Length (With Ramp) Not applicable
Height 117 in (297.2 cm)
Height - With Inline Ramp 129 in (327.7 cm)
Width - Standard Not applicable
Width (With Flotation Tires) Not applicable
Width (With Standard Tires and Scale) Not applicable
Width (With Flotation Tires and Scale) 129 in (327.7 cm)
Weight - Standard Not applicable
Weight (Fully Optioned) 8600 lbs (3900.9 kg)
Drawbar Weight 1650 lbs (748.4 kg)
605N Cornstalk Special
Type of Chamber Variable
Number of Rollers Not applicable
Drive Roller Size 5.5
Drum Roller Size 12 in. (30.5 cm) with 1.8 in. (4.5 cm) hex bearings
Idler Roller Size 3.5 in (8.9 cm)
Start Roller Size 4.5 in (11.4 cm)
Number of Plys 3-Ply mini rough top
Width of Belt 6.8 in (17.3 cm)
Width of Belt - Option Two Not applicable
Number of Belts 8
Type of Lace Alligator Rivet
Length of Belt - Long 540 in (1371.6 cm)
Length of Belt - Short 533 in (1353.8 cm)
605N Cornstalk Special
Driveline 80 degree CV, 1000 rpm
Roller Chain Single 50, 60, 80
Torque Protection - Main Input Shaft Cutout clutch
Torque Protection - Pick-up Friction with slip sensing
Bearing and Sprocket Configuration Hex shaft and bearings
PTO speed 1000 rpm ( )
605N Cornstalk Special
Horsepower Required 150 hp (111.9 kw)
Horsepower Recommended Not applicable
605N Cornstalk Special
Width (Tooth to Tooth) Not applicable
Width (Hay Saver Wheels) Not applicable
Width (On Outside Flair) Not applicable
Tooth Bars Not applicable
Number of Teeth Not applicable
Stripper Band Diameter Not applicable
Drive Not applicable
Floatation Not applicable
605N Cornstalk Special
Width (Tooth to Tooth) 77 in (195.6 cm)
HYDROFLEX Control Not applicable
Width (On Outside Flair) 90 in (228.6 cm)
Tooth Bars 6.8 in. (17.27 cm)
Number of Teeth 65 Rubber mounted double tines with 3 1/16 in (7.8 cm) spacing
Stripper Band Diameter 12.6 in (32 cm)
Drive Single 50, 60, 80
Floatation Gauge wheels 7.10-16 HD semi-pneumatic with spring assist
Pickup Lift Hydraulic pickup lift standard
605N Cornstalk Special
Bale Formation Open throat vertical chamber with drum, hydraulic/spring belt tension
Monitor/Controller E-Link Pro
Machine Adjustments Gauge wheel height, hydraulic density
Miscellaneous Drop 'n Go bale ejection
Safety Equipment Tail lights, SMV sign
Tailgate Cylinders Cushion
Density System Adjustable hydraulic
Hay Saver Wheels Not applicable
Tire Size - Standard 21.5L-16.1
605N Cornstalk Special
Monitor E-Link Pro
Bale Shape Feedback (Left (L) / Center (C) / Right (R) indicators) Left, Center, Right
Number of wraps per bale for Net Wrap Adjustable from 1.5 to 8
Number of Start/Center/End wraps for twine Not applicable
Auto Start Advance Not applicable
Manual Override Screen buttons
Pause function Screen button
"Near Full" and "Full Bale" alarms Standard
Tailgate locked alarm/indicator Standard
Ramp "home" indicator With inline ramp
Alarm on/off/volume control Standard
Real-time bale size data Standard
Real-time bale weight data Standard
Real-time moisture data Optional
Bales per hour Standard
Tons per hour Standard
Monitor Mount RAM mount double ball
Self-diagnostic monitor and sensors Standard
Error history Yes
Touchscreen and button control Standard
Electronic Bale Density control Not applicable
Dual Knife Bank Control Not applicable
Field Statistics Yes
605N Cornstalk Special
Feed Mechanism Not applicable
Twine Tension Not applicable
Twine Storage Not applicable
605N Cornstalk Special
Feed Mechanism Friction pan onto main belts
Net Tension Brake system varies tension to maximize bales per roll of net
Net Width Capable of standard and over-width netwrap - 64" and 67" (162.6 cm and 170.2 cm)  
Net Storage 1 extra roll
605N Cornstalk Special
Knife Protection Not applicable
Engage/Disengage Not applicable
Number of Knives Not applicable
605N Cornstalk Special
Pickup Lift Not applicable
Tires - Optional Not applicable
Safety Equipment Safety chain, fire extinguisher
Hay Saver Wheels Not applicable
Mechanical Bale Counter Not applicable
Bale ramp Hydraulic operated, inline
Monitor Not applicable
Restrictor Plates To reduce HP required in less than ideal conditions   
Hydraulic Density Gauge Not applicable
Pick-up Gauge Wheel Not applicable
Miscellaneous Not applicable
Hydraulic Pickup Lift Not applicable
Work Lights Not applicable
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