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Cob Harvester | Vermeer Agriculture Equipment

The Vermeer CCX770 is a self-contained unit in which farmers use a bolt-on hitch that is added to the combine to connect the CCX770.  As a result, it makes switching from crop to crop easy and timely.  Because the CCX770 has its own engine, it minimizes undue stress on qualified combines.


Why I Switched to Vermeer, Nebraska Edition | Vermeer Agriculture Equipment

The tines on Dan Shamburg’s old baler used to break often, and lying in the dirt changing tines isn’t his idea of a good time. Then Dan switched to the Vermeer 605N Cornstalk Special baler. He’s put up 10,000 bales of hay and cornstalks without breaking a single tine while baling. And that’s why Dan Shamburg switched to Vermeer. See Dan’s full story and more, or schedule a Vermeer demo today: VERMEERDEMO.COM